Enve Fray launch

Enve Fray launch

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The Fray is the missing link in Enve's drop bar lineup - all-road, endurance, whatever you want to call it. The Fray is the most bike for the most people, combining performance, versatility and speed for all rides, big or small. Taking inspiration from their aero bike the Melee, and world tour pedigree, the Fray takes the best of what Enve have learnt elsewhere and combines it all to make their most adaptable performance bike yet.

Fray is available in three colours; Salt, Venom, and Ash, and comes in seven different sizes, so you can get your fit perfect with your combo of handlebar, stem, and seatpost

Enve Fray Venom

What Is The fray?

Intended for after work club rides and weekend death marches alike, the Fray was designed for bigger tires and with less aggressive geometry than the Melee. Enve's quality build and layup keep it light, while aerodynamic cues keep it fast. The Fray is the bike for all occasions - occasional racer, avid adventurer, performance seeker. The perfect bike for travel, when you don't know what you'll encounter, long days in the saddle, mixed surfaces and big rides, bridging the gap between gravel smasher and road racer.

Enve Fray riding through the hills of Girona


Enve's new Fray is the definitive all-road machine; designed around a 31-35mm tire, for maximum on-road comfort and a fast ride, though it will clear a 40mm tire with a 1x setup, or a 38mm in 2x. Clean in-frame storage in the way of their Cargo Box means you can ditch the seat bag and keep the spares out of your pockets and hidden neatly in the frame. A T47 threaded bottom bracket keeps things simple yet stiff, and their IN-Route system means you can keep the build clean with Enve's integrated cockpit components. 

Because the Fray is meant to be the day-in day-out bike, it has mounts for full-coverage fenders, and uses a SRAM UDH derailleur hanger, meaning you can get a spare pretty much anywhere. Compatible with mechanical and electronic drivetrains alike*, the Fray can be built pretty much any way you like.

*not compatible with SRAM 2x mechanical or Campagnolo 2x mechanical

Enve Fray leaned up against a dry stone wall

Aero Performance

The Fray might be Enve's all-road endurance road bike, but it's no slouch. Enve put the same time and attention to detail into the Fray as their other bikes to create a high performance tool. Tests in the Mercedes GP Wind Tunnel show that the Fray only averages 3.3w more drag than the Melee, and 4.4w including rider. Enve achieves such aerodynamic efficiency through hidden cables and aero tube shapes, and the added drag is mostly attributed to the Fray's taller stack height, making it one of the most aero bikes in its class. 

Enve Fray leaned up against a brick wall

Choosing The Right Tool

The Fray bridges the gap between Melee and MOG. Use tire size to guide which bike should work for you - optimised for 31-35mm tires, the Fray is the fast yet comfy all-road bike. With the option of going up to a 40c tire for all-road and light gravel adventures, or sizing down for racing, the Fray is the most versatile bike Enve make, though don't be mistaken, the Fray is much closer to the Melee than the MOG. If you plan on racing and want the fastest bike you can get, the Melee might be more suitable. For big tires and full-on gravel adventures, the MOG is the bike to choose. 

Two riders transfer from asphalt to gravel on the Enve Fray


The Fray's geometry strikes the perfect balance - not overly steep nor excessively slack, offering just the right amount of trail for a quick-handling yet stable ride, no matter the road conditions. Similar to the Melee, the Fray boasts 4 fork rakes, providing more options than many other brands. This versatility ensures that riders of all heights can enjoy the Fray's high-performance ride quality.

Important numbers include a 591mm stack, 389mm reach, 1008mm wheelbase, and 72.6mm. Enve know that fit is fast, so offering seven different sizes means they can cater for most rider sizes, and in-between those sizes, the Fray is offered a la carte from the factory. Choose your frame size, bars, seatpost, and stem to get your fit perfect.

Two riders sprint it out on the Enve Fray

Enve Quality

Building a great riding bike is only part of the equation. Enve have long been known for their legendary quality, and it's the small details that truly make a bike like this more than the sum of its parts. The door to the Fray's Cargo Bay in-frame storage is colour matched to the rest of the frame, and the latch mechanism is exquisitely engineered. Not only this, but it comes with two cargo bags for storing spares and tools in the frame without rattling, and keeping hoses and cables snug in the downtube is a svelte rentention strap.

Rounding out the package, Enve also offer a host of accessories including a collaboration saddle with Selle Italia, their own brand of super grippy bar tape, in-house bottle cages both injection molded and carbon fibre, and a collaboration travel case with Scicon, so you can travel with zero worries. Backing up their workmanship, Enve's Factory Warranty covers workmanship on the frame for five years, paint for two, and extends to second hand owners too, as well as offering a prorated discount on a new frame for the original owner should damage not be covered under warranty.

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Enve Fray in Venom and Salt leaned up together