Steed Cycles Ride Club

Steed Cycles Ride Club

Steed Cycles Ride Club

Steed Cycles Ride Club

Steed Cycles Ride Club

2023 Sign-up closed

We'd like to start by saying thank you to each and every one of you that's taken part or showed an interest in Ride Club. We're both incredibly proud and humbled by what we've achieved, however the immense popularity of 2023 Ride Club has pushed us to close new sign-ups for the year. We make this decision for the safety of our participants and leaders, and to keep things manageable and enjoyable for all. Thank you for your understanding - the Steed team.

Steed Cycles Ride Club

Road cycling is an excellent way to get outdoors and have fun. Rides can vary from a Sunday afternoon ‘cruise’ around the local park, to an all day effort in preparation for a Gran Fondo. In every instance, we think it’s always better with friends! 2023 will mark the 11th year of the Steed Cycles Ride Club, and we’d be thrilled if you joined us.

Hello Everyone!

We have are working behind the scenes to make Ride Club 2023 as amazing as possible. We hope you are having a safe and healthy off-season, and hope you’re ready to ride with us again this spring. If you've been waiting patiently to sign up, and simply cannot wait any longer, click here and join us. Otherwise, read on for details and changes.

The Details

Regular club rides will start Wednesday April 5th, and we’ll be offering weekly Wednesday Rides for April. Starting in May, we will be adding Sunday morning rides every second week, for a total of 6 or 7 rides each month.

We love riding bikes, but one of the best parts of riding bikes with great people is getting together after a ride for a meal, a beverage, and some laughs. Our post-ride BBQs have always been a cherished part of our club, and as with last year they're back to stay. We're already hungry.

For 2023, the fee is $170, and as always, includes a Steed Cycles jersey with an all new design.

Like last year, we will be using the Steed Ride Club App for signups for all rides. We're working on some more features that will allow you to view more details about the route, and to access our library of routes for your regular non-club rides. The app can be downloaded in the Apple and Google Play stores by searching for "Steed Ride Club".

What’s Changing

Your Ride Club managers read all of the helpful feedback many of you provided in our post-season survey, and considered all of the thoughtful conversations we've had with many of you through the season. We had two very long meetings around a very official board-room table to discuss everything that went well, and everything we can improve.

We will be taking steps to increase safety this year. We will be helping you ensure your bike is safe for each ride. Your leader will also be going over the details of each route, and addressing any safety concerns before, during, and after each ride.

One of the common requests we had was to maintain consistency in the speed of our groups, and we are going to work very hard to ensure groups maintain speed consistent with the effort level expected for each group. Our expanded team of leaders will keep groups together, and help prevent you from going out of your comfort-zone. Many of our routes have segments and hills where it’s safe and appropriate to stretch our legs and put in extra efforts, but leaders will ensure that riders soon regroup, and will leave nobody behind.

2023 Ride Club Sign-up Closed.