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What is an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes or e-bikes are just like regular bikes, only with an electric motor for more power. In Canada, electric bikes provide assist up to 32km/h and are pedal-assist. These bikes typically have a rechargeable battery and can be pedaled like a regular bicycle, but they also have settings where the motor can provide varying levels of assistance, making pedaling easier, especially uphill or over long distances. E-bikes are easy to ride - hop on, pedal, and it provides extra power, making riding easier. Overall, eBikes offer a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional bicycles, particularly for commuting and recreational cycling.

Who are E-bikes for?

E-bikes are for everyone. Filling a ton of different niches, ebikes are an amazing tool. Ebikes work great as car replacements, for folks that have trouble riding a regular bike due to age or injury, or just struggle to find the time. E-bikes are a fantastic commuter tool; the extra power means you can get to work without breaking a sweat, and get home easily after a long day. There’s an ebike for every scenario.

E-Bike Components

Ebikes for the most part use the same components as a regular bike, with a few electronic additions that give you the power to ride longer and faster.


The motor is what provides the drive, or assist, that makes the bike easier to ride and moves you forward, just like the engine in a car. Motors come in either mid-drive format, at the cranks, or hub-drive format, mid-drive being the more popular option these days. Ebike motors come in various sizes, from big and powerful, to lighter and less powerful.

Mid Drive

Mid-drive eBikes offer numerous advantages, including efficient power transfer, enhanced handling, and superior hill-climbing performance. Positioned near the pedals, the motor provides a natural riding experience by seamlessly integrating with the rider's pedaling. This design also improves battery efficiency and extends range. With centralized weight distribution and optimized gearing, mid-drive eBikes excel in various riding conditions, from urban commuting to off-road adventures. Their accessibility for maintenance and repairs further enhances their appeal, making them a popular choice for riders seeking a versatile, high-performance electric bike option.

Hub Drive

Hub-drive eBikes present a compelling option for riders looking for simplicity, affordability, and ease of use. Integrated into the wheel hub, these motors offer smooth and consistent power delivery, ideal for casual riding or commuting on flat terrain. Their straightforward design translates to lower maintenance requirements and reduced costs compared to mid-drive eBikes, making them accessible to a wider range of riders. Additionally, hub-drive motors operate quietly, providing a stealthier riding experience. With their easy installation process and low maintenance needs, hub-drive eBikes offer an accessible and hassle-free way for cyclists to enjoy the benefits of electric assistance on their rides.


The battery is what powers the motor, storing energy in cells, most ebike batteries are now integrated into the frame, and vary in size depending on the power of the motor. Lightweight ebikes use smaller batteries, from around 320wh (watt-hours), up to 700+wh for full power bikes.


Usually situated on the handlebars or top tube of the bike, the controller is the link between the rider and the drive system, where you can turn the bike on or off, set the power mode and control other functions of the bike such as walk mode or lights.


The ebike’s display is what shows all the important information you need to know while you’re riding, such as speed, battery level, power mode, range and more. Sometimes the display is integrated with the controller, other times it stands alone.

Types of E-bike

There are all different types of electric bikes available, from mountain to road and everything in between; think of a bike, and put a motor on it. There are e-mountain bikes, e-gravel bikes, e-road bikes, e-commuter bikes, e-cargo bikes, and more.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Take a mountain bike and throw a motor on it. EMTBs are  designed to get you to the top of the mountain faster, so you can enjoy the ride down. Need to squeeze a ride in around other duties, or just want to get more laps in? Jump on an E-mountain bike.

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Electric Gravel and Road Bikes

Choose an electrified drop bar bike for cruising asphalt or gravel roads. Need a little extra assist on the hills or want to save the energy for bigger rides? An e-bike is just like drafting - hop on our wheel and give yourself a boost with a lightweight electric gravel or road bike.

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Electric City bikes

Ebikes are perfect for city and commuting - just hop on, ride to your destination and skip the stops you’d have to make on transit. An e-city bike gives you the power to climb Vancouver’s hills without breaking a sweat, so you can get where you’re going in comfort and style.

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Electric Cargo Bikes

Electric cargo bikes add power to your load-hauling utility machine. Use one to replace your car; take the kids to soccer practice, get groceries, or just for getting to work. An e-cargo bike is the perfect tool for congested urban areas. Skip the traffic, grab an e-cargo bike.

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Lightweight vs. Full Power - Pick your battle

Full power or light weight - pick your battle. While ebikes are getting lighter, lower power usually means lighter weight. While ebikes used to be heavy affairs, the new lightweight class of ebikes are now relatively powerful, and handle much more like a regular bike.

Lightweight E-Bikes

Full-power eBikes, boasting higher wattage motors and larger batteries, offer a host of benefits for riders seeking elevated performance. These eBikes excel in speed, allowing riders to cover greater distances efficiently, making them ideal for commuters or those embarking on long-distance rides. With enhanced hill-climbing capabilities, they conquer steep inclines effortlessly, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey even on challenging terrain. Their extended range, courtesy of larger batteries, enables riders to explore farther without worrying about running out of power. Additionally, full-power eBikes are versatile, accommodating various riding styles and purposes, from commuting to recreational cycling. With quicker acceleration and improved payload capacity, they provide a superior riding experience, making them an attractive choice for cyclists looking to embrace the advantages of high-performance electric biking.

Full Power E-Bikes

Lightweight eBikes offer a range of advantages that enhance the overall riding experience. With their reduced weight, these bikes are easier to handle, allowing for smoother maneuverability, especially in congested urban environments or tight spaces. Their portability is also a notable benefit, facilitating easier transportation and storage for commuters or those with limited space. Additionally, the lighter weight contributes to more efficient pedaling, leading to increased speed and better performance, particularly on longer rides or challenging terrain. Riders also experience less fatigue due to the reduced strain, making for a more comfortable journey. Quicker acceleration further adds to their appeal, providing increased confidence and safety in bustling city streets. Versatile and suitable for various riding styles, lightweight eBikes offer a practical and enjoyable option for cyclists seeking convenience, agility, and efficiency in their electric biking experience.

Drive Systems

There are several different brands producing drive systems on the ebike market, some new and some old. German electric motor gurus Bosch produce several different bicycle drive systems, as well as legendary drivetrain manufacturer Shimano. Specialized produce their own lightweight and full power systems in partnership with Brosé, and Giant have a similar deal with Yamama. Fazua, owned by performance auto manufacturer Porsche, produce a lightweight drive system found in Pivot and Santa Cruz ebikes.

Brands we carry


Specialized are an industry leader in electric bikes - covering all bases including city, mountain, road, and cargo, lightweight and full power and with several models in each category, there’s a ton of choice. Their time in the ebike game means Specialized ebikes are refined and reliable.

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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz are well known for their high quality carbon mountain bikes, and their ebikes are no different, combining quality construction and class leading geometry and suspension. Choose between full power or lightweight emtb, or their lightweight gravel and urban shredder.

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Giant are one of the biggest bike companies in the world, so it’s fair to say they know a thing or two about making ebikes, as well as regular bikes. Giant bikes represent a great value option and are a lot of bike for the money, across the urban, cargo, and mountain categories.

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As a global leader in cycling, Liv Bikes excels in crafting bikes tailored specifically for women. Liv e-bikes offer exceptional value and performance, with a keen focus on meeting women's needs. Explore our range across urban and mountain categories.

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Pivot Cycles, based in Tempe, Arizona, are a brand dedicated to producing the best mountain bikes in the world, lead by industry veteran, Chris Cocalis. Pivot’s ebike frames are manufactured from carbon fibre and span the full power mtb, lightweight mountain bike, and e-gravel categories.

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Based in Santa Cruz, California, Ibis Cycles are a long time player in the mountain bike game - what they don’t know about mountain bikes isn’t worth knowing. Their first and only entry into the ebike market, the Oso, is a big-travel enduro bike built for anything, and powered by a Bosch drive system.

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