Enve Adds New Colours, Releases Integrated Cockpit for 2024

Enve Adds New Colours, Releases Integrated Cockpit for 2024

Enve are known for being one of the pioneers of carbon technology in the cycling world. As one of the first companies producing carbon mountain bike wheels, and leading the charge in developing composites produced in the USA, they've built a considerable reputation for themselves. The last couple of years has seen them branch out into complete bikes, with as many of their in-house components as possible. 

It goes without saying that Enve's lineup of bikes is top notch, each and every one exquisitely engineered and designed for high performance in their respective categories, with no detail too small. In the last two years we saw both the Melee and the MOG released, both instant classics, combining excellent handling, light weight and aerodynamics with achingly good looks.

Enve Melee 3 colour


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Melee is Enve's off the shelf, all-around race ready, aero road bike. The Melee is the high end bike ready for attacking climbs, leading the peloton and setting KOMs. For 2024, complementing the Damascus grey colour, Melee is now also available in Aegean Blue and Enve Black, setting some stylish notes for the year. Because black never goes out of fashion.

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Enve MOG 3 colour


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Also Released in 2023, the MOG is Enve's debut gravel bike. Designed to be light, fast, and competitive, with more than a hint of versatility. Big tire clearance, aero frame elements, in-frame storage, performance geo, rack and fender mounts and hidden cabling makes for a truly capable go-anywhere machine for breaking all the rules and land-speed records. Race or adventure, take your pick. For 2024, Enve expanded the colour palette for the MOG, adding Terracotta and Slate Blue to the existing Sand colourway.

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Enve SES AR One-Piece handlebar

SES AR In-Route One-Piece Handlebar

Enve's first one-piece handlebar/stem, made in Ogden, Utah, using their own unique construction method features compound flared drops, ergo shaping, aero profile and In-Route cable routing, for totally hidden cables and a perfectly clean aesthetic. Compatible with Melee and MOG frames, with further compatibilities announced in the future.

Specs include 380g (120mm x 42cm) weight, 90-130mm stem options, 38-46cm bar widths, 76mm reach, 129mm drop, -7º angle, and 18º flare. Currently not in stock, these are a special order item. Contact us today to order yours.

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Enve SES tires

SES Race Day

Enve's super-fast SES tires are proven to reduce drag in the wind tunnel and deliver amazing rolling efficiency - they've quickly become a favourite of ours. For 2024, Enve expanded the size range to add 33mm and 35mm options for a total of six size options and two colours, to make them 

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