Podcast: Haute Route - Where Passion Peaks

Podcast: Haute Route - Where Passion Peaks

When you think of Haute Route, where does your mind wander? Does it lead you to envision the toughest amateur cycling event globally, a miniature Tour de France, or perhaps a fully supported cycling tour conquering renowned climbs?

Whether you perceive it as a timed challenge or a journey of exploration, we are excited to have the Marketing Director for the French Cycling Federation, Marius Louvet, live from Paris, and one of our own from the Steed Cycles Ride Club family, Eric Hung, to unveil the unique allure of Haute Route events.

Haute Route riders ride into the sunrise

Our expedition takes us through the heart of cycling's haven, traversing from the picturesque Alps to the awe-inspiring Pyrenees, where riders are tested on legendary peaks like Col du Tourmalet and Alpe d'Huez.

Envision timed ascents, intricate team dynamics, and unwavering support, all converging to make Haute Route a cycling spectacle and event like no other. For those who missed our previous podcasts featuring the Steed Cycles team at the race last year, they offer valuable insights into every aspect of this extraordinary event.


For those curious to explore more about the Haute Route events, visit https://hauteroute.fr/. Avoid a simple Google search for Haute Route, as it may direct you to an outdated website. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to them at hello@hauteroute.fr. The adventure awaits!