Podcast: Eric Hung - Climbing Mountains for a Balanced Life

Podcast: Eric Hung - Climbing Mountains for a Balanced Life

Can you get stronger, fitter and faster the older you get in your adult life? If you answered no then we have Eric Hung here as living proof that you certainly can achieve this and more.

Steed Cycles Race Team Haute RoutePhoto: Geoff Livingston

Eric may be one of the most unassuming, nicest cyclists you will ever meet but don’t be fooled as you will hear he is also an absolute weapon on a bike, and one of the fastest masters category riders around. He proved this at the Haute Route Alps race earlier this year by finishing on the podium while also forging new friendships with his rivals.

Eric Hung on the podium at Haute Route

Eric has been a member of the steed cycles family for over 10 years, contributing in many ways from the Steed ride club, to the race team,and the cycling community in general. He is admired for his ability to balance work, life, and family, all seemingly taking priority but without sacrificing the others. 

Thanks Eric for taking the time to chat with us today, and thank you all for listening. Check out more Steed Cycles podcast episodes here.