Tannus Armour Tubeless Lite
Tannus Armour Tubeless Lite
Tannus Armour Tubeless Lite

Tannus Armour Tubeless Lite

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The Lite was designed to provide crucial rim protection to mountain bikers and road bikers alike.

For mountain bikers, the Lite offers rim cushioning without compromising the tires natural ride feel. Making it the perfect insert for those that want a natural feel while protecting their rims.

For Road Bikers, the Lite, at 40 grams per insert, enhances rim protection while also allowing lower tire pressures. Effectively creating a smoother ride and piece of mind.

    The new ribbed design is the basis for the FUSION system. When combining the LITE and PRO, the ribs lock into place to insure zero rolling friction between the two inserts. 

     Tannus comes in 3 different thicknesses. The LITE at 10mm, The PRO at 20mm, and the FUSION at 30mm.

    Removing PRO from your FUSION creates the LITE. Reduce your weight while keeping the sidewall stability and rim protection.

    Tannus tubeless tire inserts allow the rider to use lower tire pressures. LITE provides rim protection so you can ride worry free at low pressures. 

    Fusion 30mm / Pro 20mm / Lite 10mm
    Weight: Fusion 190g / Pro 140g / Lite 50g
    Rim Protection Level: Fusion MAX / Pro MED / Lite MIN

    Fusion - E-Bike, DH, Enduro
    Pro: DH, Enduro, Trail
    LIte: XC & Gravel

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