SKS VeloFlexx 65 Fender Set

SKS VeloFlexx 65 Fender Set

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Mudguard set with an adjustable frame adapter

A new addition to the Velo family: the VELOFLEXX 65 mudguard set made of high-performance impact-resistant plastic combines the stability of a fixed mudguard with the flexibility of a clip-on mudguard. The VELOFLEXX bridge allows the rear mudguard to be mounted at the top of the seat bar without tools, using rubber straps. If, despite the disc brakes, there is a crossbar between the seat stays, the distance between the tyre and the crossbar must be 30 mm in order for the bike to be compatible with the VELOFLEXX mudguard.

Sturdy yet flexible

At the front, the VELOFLEXX is mounted on the fork bridge with a rubberised hook and loop fastener or a cable tie. The frame adapters enable the mudguards to be mounted on any fork and for the angle to be adjusted. The black-coated stays provide even greater support. The VELOFLEXX set is suitable for fitness bikes, mountain bikes and city bikes. Hook and loop fasteners and rubber straps are included.

• Made of high-performance impact-resistant plastic
• Adjustable frame adapter
• Ideal for fitness, mountain and city bikes
• Includes hook and loop fasteners and rubber straps

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