Ritchey WCS TrueGrip Neoprene Grips

Ritchey WCS TrueGrip Neoprene Grips

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After ripping the singletrack near his house in northern California, Tom (Tom Ritchey) often heads right into his workshop to start to bring to life an idea he just had for a new product or to improve on an existing piece of the bike he was just riding.

This was certainly the case when Tom designed the TrueGrip many years ago. Still a wildly popular mountain bike grip, the beauty of the WCS TrueGrip Neoprene is its simplicity. Made from lightweight neoprene that delivers a stable grip while wet from sweat and water, the minimalist TrueGrip offers elegant comfort, confident control, and a faithful ride experience out on the trails.


  • Material: neoprene
  • Density: single
  • Shape: hexagonal
  • Locking: no
  • Ends: open
  • End-plugs: included
  • Length: 130mm
  • Diameter: multiple
  • Weight: 43g (w/o plugs)
  • Color: black

MODEL ID: 38450817002

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