Ride Wrap - Full Frame Tailored Protection Kit
Ride Wrap - Full Frame Tailored Protection Kit

Ride Wrap - Full Frame Tailored Protection Kit

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For Purchase with New Bike.


Bike Protection Kits

Self-healing vinyl ensuring that scrapes, wear, and chips simply don’t make it to the factory paint. Introducing RideWrap Bicycle Protection Film. Designed, engineered, and developed by riders for riders.

All RideWrap bike frame Protection kits available on RideWrap.ca are now using RideWrap Bicycle Protection Film. Bicycle frames and forks have complex curves and are exposed to conditions that most automobiles never encounter.

Self-Healing & Hydrophobic Topcoat

The topcoat is the first line of defense out on the trail. The topcoat’s superhydrophobic properties repel stains, shed mud, speed up cleaning, and maintain that “just installed” appearance. When heat is applied, the self-healing properties of our elastomeric polyurethane topcoat cause swirls and light scratches to disappear.

TPU Durability Structure

At the core of our film is an impact and abrasion-resistant thermoplastic urethane(TPU) structure. The structure is engineered to disperse forces from rock strikes, stump strikes, crashes, and other impacts your bike encounters. This structure is responsible for protecting your bike from damage.

Acrylic Adhesive Layer

The film uses a high-performance acrylic adhesive layer as its foundation. This layer is specifically formulated to resist delamination and keep edges locked in place. When it’s time to replace or remove, the adhesive releases as if it had never been there.


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