Pivot Switchblade V2 Bearing Kit

Pivot Switchblade V2 Bearing Kit

Regular price$159.99 CAD

Pivot bearing kits include all linkage bearings and in most cases, the retaining compound needed to install them. Pivot frames are designed to last many years without needing to replace bearings. We rarely see situations where upper linkage bearings to be replaced. However, if you live in an extremely wet climate and/or hose the bike down often, lower linkage bearings may need to be replaced on occasion.  Fortunately, we have made these extremely easy to replace if the proper process is followed.  These Max bearings are the highest level offered by Enduro.

*Please check the small parts schematic PDF download located in the Engineer’s Corner Tech Docs tab on your bike model’s webpage to confirm model-specific part fitment and retaining compound requirements.

Vendor Item #: PA-BIK-BGK-V1-SBC-V2

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