Jones Bicycles EVA H-GRIPS (205mm)

Jones Bicycles EVA H-GRIPS (205mm)

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Jones H-Grips made of EVA foam.

34mm diameter.

Very light at just 67 grams for the long set of grips with plugs! 

Available in lengths to fit each of the two widths of H-Bars perfectly.  

  • H-Grips for 710mm H-Bars are 205mm long
  • H-Grips for 660mm H-Bars are 165mm long.

These grips can be used, and will work fine with the bar plugs that come with Jones H-Bars, but these grips include larger, more protective bar plugs, so that your grips won't get torn up as easily. 

The ends of the grips are beveled to meet the angle of the bar plug, so that the plug can protect the end of the grip better, which is really important when you're laying the bike down on its side.  The bar plugs themselves have a captured nut in the wedge so that when you loosen the bolt to remove the grips, the nut stays in place and the plug comes right out!  And now both the nut and the bolt that threads into it are stainless steel to resist rust!  

  • Jones H-Grip expanding plugs included
  • Grips are sold as pairs.

SKU: GR-EV71bk

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