Industry Nine Torch XD1 Complete Freehub Body

Industry Nine Torch XD1 Complete Freehub Body

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 Replace your existing Torch mountain freehub with this complete XD 11/12 speed kit.

Compatible With: Torch mountain rear hubs

  • Torch freehubs maintain Industry Nine's exceptional 3 degree engagement
  • 3 degree engagement is achieved through the use of an innovative six pawl freehub, which utilizes phased engagement to double the number of engagement points from 60 to 120
  • Significantly lower weight - approximately 100 gram savings over the XC, Enduro, and Classic series rear hubs
  • Lower drag - new drive ring and pawl geometry, relocated bearings, and a new seal system dramatically reduce freehub drag while coasting


  • 1 - Torch XD freehub body shell
  • 1 - bearing spacer
  • 1 - 31803 bearing
  • 1 - 61803 bearing
  • 6 - Torch springs
  • 6 - Torch pawls
  • 1 - freehub body seal

Manufacturer Part Number: TKMFH02

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