ENVE SES AR Handlebar
ENVE SES AR Handlebar
ENVE SES AR Handlebar
ENVE SES AR Handlebar

ENVE SES AR Handlebar

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Purpose-built for the modern road rider, the SES AR handlebar features compound flared drops for confident handling, aerodynamic shaping with internal/external routing options for clean airflow and aesthetics, and a carbon laminate that has been tuned for responsive handling without sacrificing comfort.

Road riding has evolved over the last decade. Thanks to disc brakes, wide rims, and high-volume tires, road riders are able to venture from the main road to the backroad in complete confidence. While brake and wheel technology has driven frame and tire manufacturers to rethink road frame design, we took a close look at the handlebar, your primary contact point on the bike, to reimagine the ultimate handlebar for any road, and any event. Any product that bears the SES nomenclature must deliver a real-world aerodynamic advantage. In the case of the  SES AR Handlebar, the cross-section of the bar top has been developed in CFD and proven in the wind tunnel to reduce drag. Hidden cable/wire routing enhance drag reduction while delivering a clean aesthetic. AR means the handlebar will deliver comfort and confidence over any road surface. Borrowing design cues from our successful SES Aero Road bar, Compact Road bar, and  G Series bar, the SES AR Handlebar features compound flared drops that provide a wider stance for technical riding and descending while maintaining easy access to the controls. We fully expect that this bar we’ve dreamt of for years will quickly gain popularity and establish itself as the benchmark for road handlebars.

Material: Carbon Fiber
Weight: 243g, 245g, 248g, 262g, 280g
Sizes: 38cm, 40cm, 42cm, 44cm, 46cm
Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
Reach: 76mm
Drop: 127mm
Drop Flare: 23.5mm
Torque Spec Faceplate: 5.5Nm
Torque Spec Controls: 6Nm-8Nm
Di2 Compatible: Yes

Hood Width | Drop Width:
38 (38.5cm | 43.2cm)
40 (40.5cm | 45.2cm)
42 (42.5cm | 47.2cm)
44 (44.5cm | 49.2cm)
46 (46.5cm | 51.2cm)

Product SKU                      
38: 300-1028-001
40: 300-1028-002
42: 300-1028-003
44: 300-1028-004
46: 300-1028-005

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