DT Swiss RR 481 Disc Rim
DT Swiss RR 481 Disc Rim

DT Swiss RR 481 Disc Rim

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Rim Size

Are you searching for a pair of rims to ride off the beaten path? In this case, the RR481 may be the perfect option for you. With an inner width of 22 mm and approved up to 130 kg system weight, this extremely durable rim is made for rough off-road rides. Whether you mount them on your Cyclcross bike, your gravel racer or for your next bikepacking trip, the RR 481 won't let you down.

Net Weight: 29" / 485g
Material: Aluminum
Rim Joint: Welded
Brake Interface: Disc
Rim Diameter: 29" / 700c
Inner Width: 22mm
Outer Width: 26mm
Rim Height: 25mm
Number of Holes: 24 | 28 | 32

SKU: RDRR48CDPW24SA7546 (29"/700c | 24H)
SKU: RDRR48CDPW28SA7547 (29"/700c | 28H)
SKU: RDRR48CDPW32SA7548 (29"/700c | 32H)

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