DT Swiss G 540 Disc Rim
DT Swiss G 540 Disc Rim

DT Swiss G 540 Disc Rim

Regular price$89.99 CAD

Rim Size

The sleeved aluminium Gravel rim is the ideal choice for riding over gravel, roots or small obstacles on unpaved paths. The robust all-round rim with its inner width of 24 mm and its wide knobby tires up to 53 mm is suitable for various purposes and provides great comfort.

Net Weight: 27.5" / 530g | 29" / 565g
Material: Aluminum
Rim Joint: Sleeve Joint
Brake Interface: Disc
Rim Diameter: 27.5" / 650B | 29" / 700c
Inner Width: 24mm
Outer Width: 28mm
Rim Height: 25mm
Number of Holes: 24 | 28 | 32

SKU: RDG054BDPN24SA0778 (27.5"/650B | 24H)
SKU: RDG054BDPN28SA0779 (27.5"/650B | 28H)
SKU: RDG054BDPN32SA0780 (27.5"/650B | 32H)

SKU: RDG054CDPN24SA0781 (29"/700c | 24H)
SKU: RDG054CDPN28SA0782 (29"/700c | 28H)
SKU: RDG054CDPN32SA0783 (29"/700c | 32H)

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