Continental Hydrotal

Continental Hydrotal

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Why choose this tire?

  • A specialist tire for downhill and a super soft compoundoption for racing.
  • Balances grip and rolling resistance with a self-cleaning tread that ensures continuous grip when you’re shredding through muddy, slippery conditions.
  • Tapered and supported knob elements are designed to ease the interaction between stud and soil.
  • Benefit: high mechanical grip and superb self-cleaning properties
  • Open pattern design for perfect interaction on loose surfaces
  • Benefit: superb pattern-soil interaction and self-cleaning
  • Support structure and in-line shoulder studs
  • Benefit: high stability when cornering aggressively in loose and muddy soils

Downhill Casing
Durable and reinforced carcass construction with supple and vivid characteristics

Reference application
Downhill, Freeride, Super Enduro and heavy Enduro

  • 6 layers of carcass material under the tread for robustness and puncture protection
  • 4 layers of carcass material for suppleness and adaptivity
  • Apex for increased snake-bite robustness and support
  • Foldable Aramid Bead
  • Tubeless ready bead design for improved sealing
  • Outstanding sidewall design with unique and distinctive look
  • Label design with clear and intuitive symbol approach
  • Cross woven chafer textile protects the tire and rim area

SuperSoft Compound
Grippiest choice of the compound range

Our softest and grippiest compound in the MTB Gravity range. Especially for Downhill and Enduro use cases where the main focus is descending. Tires equipped with this compound are for riders with a 100% focus on grip, traction, control. Recommended for use cases with a large share of descent.

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