CeramicSpeed UFO Grease - Race Day 30ml

CeramicSpeed UFO Grease - Race Day 30ml

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UFO Grease

CeramicSpeed UFO grease range features updated packaging to improve the use and storage over time. 

Race Day Grease: CeramicSpeed Race Day Grease is a great choice when riding short time trials or track, designed to deliver as low friction as possible, thanks to the Dynamic Viscosity Transformation (DVT) technology used in its formula. When the CeramicSpeed Race Day Grease lubricating film is subject to the high pressure at the point of contact between the ball and race, the Race Day Grease instantly changes its state to a lower kinematic viscosity, similar to that of a light oil. The DVT technology provides the best of both worlds for the rider - the low friction properties of a light oil combined with the longevity of a light grease. This grease is ideal for ceramic bearings and is suitable for steel bearings as well. When greasing the bearings, the recommended fill rate on road is 25-30% and on track 15-20%. Re-lubrication is required more frequently when using Race Day Grease.

Technical Data

  • For use in CeramicSpeed Wheel Bearings and Bottom Bracket Bearings
  • 1.000-2.000 km or 600-1.200 miles optimal efficiency
  • Developed exclusively for performance - no protection benefit
  • NLGI grade, DIN 51818 – 2
  • Chemical composition, type of oil - synthetic hydrocarbon oil 
  • Chemical composition, thickener: lithium soap
  • Color: Beige
  • Storage temperature: 5 – 40 °C / 41 – 104°F
  • Lower service temperature: -60 °C / -76 °F
  • Upper service temperature: 130 °C / 266 °F

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