Campagnolo Super Record Wireless Groupset (Take-off no packaging)

Campagnolo Super Record Wireless Groupset (Take-off no packaging)

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Crank Arm Length

A new cycling experience, superior braking performance, perfect cadence. Thanks to dedicated in-depth studies and meticulous in-field testing, our wireless gear components are now technologically one step ahead. High-quality design without compromise devised to deliver maximum results from every point of view.

The new Super Record Wireless 12x2 Speed crankset: iconic Campagnolo design with visible carbon fiber, for a crankset conceived to deliver maximum performance. The Super Record Wireless crankset has a lighter hollow structure and uses the Ultra-Torque locking system with a titanium axle to transfer to the transmission all the force applied on the pedals by the cyclist.


  • Cranks in unidirectional carbon fiber, axle in titanium and chainrings in aluminum
  • Good stiffness and optimum power transmission
  • USB ceramic bearings
  • Maximum smoothness also on the crankset axle
  • Optimized design for any chainring combination

The new Super Record Wireless Cassettes were conceived, studied and designed to guarantee cyclists with the smoothest shifting across the entire range of combinations.
For this reason, closer jumps are key to the pedaling experience of all cyclists, who are always guaranteed perfect cadence in any situation.


  • The SUPER RECORD WIRELESS new gear combinations enable fast up- and down-shifting, with an extremely smooth fluid gear inch ratio, to guarantee constant cadence in any situation.
  • Resistant to wear and tear - thanks to the use of special steel and processes with minimum tolerances, the cassette has been designed to be durable and resistant
  • N3W Freewheel Body - the new cassettes are to be installed on the N3W freewheel body, present on all Campagnolo new-gen road wheels
  • Same-thickness spacers - easy to fit without any risk of error

The new Super Record Wireless Controls can be used for up to 2 years without replacing the battery. They can also be turned off, with a switch that is hidden but easy to reach inside the body of the controls. The LED inside the body of the controls acts as a visual alarm to indicate that the battery needs charging and the charge level can be checked using the MyCampy3.0 app. The shifting buttons are positioned on the brake lever to guarantee easy access for all cyclists, when pedaling with either a high or low grip. The shifting buttons are the perfect balance between force used and tactile feedback, allowing cyclists to feel when a gear shifts. They can also be customized using the MyCampy 3.0 app, associating them with the front and rear derailleur according to personal preference.


  • Superior Ergonomics: Their ergonomics are even more efficient and effective, thanks to the new shape of the control body that allows for a comfortable firm high grip.
  • Easy installation: The absence of wires and cables makes them easy to install.

The new Super Record Wireless Front Derailleur introduces shifting with Bluetooth technology, with easy instant communication between front derailleur and controls: wireless. Even the tiniest detail has been optimized for maximum functionality and with a user-centric approach. The quick-snap magnetic charging ports, the lively color of the battery LEDs and super-quick charging all mean easy trouble-free use and charging.


  • Precise shifting: fluid, efficient, reliable whatever the pedaling conditions
  • Removable battery: easy to charge thanks to quick-snap magnetic ports
  • Position sensor: the front derailleur always moves automatically into the ideal position for the selected sprocket/chainring
  • Easy installation thanks to the new Wireless system, the front derailleur is easy and quick to install
  • Front derailleur body in monolithic carbon powder technopolymer: it allows for maximum lightness while maintaining high stiffness values
  • Front derailleur mounting tool: faster installation with better results, this mounting tool makes the mechanic’s job easier and more exact

The new Super Record Wireless Rear Derailleur makes the most of Campagnolo state-of-the-art technology to guarantee maximum shifting performance. Thanks to the total absence of cables, the component is easy to install and simple to maintain. Developed with user-centric design, the Super Record Wireless rear derailleur is teamed with a battery delivering an autonomy of over 750 km. Charging times are also very fast, with the batteries reaching 100% capacity in just 60 minutes. Battery charge level is easy to check, either with the indicator LEDs on the component or with the MyCampy 3.0 app. The use of carbon fiber makes this component lightweight and yet robust, resistant and reliable over time.

  • Precise shifting: fluid, efficient and reliable whatever the pedaling conditions
  • Removable battery: easy to charge thanks to quick-snap magnetic ports
  • Easy installation: thanks to the new Wireless system, the front derailleur is easy and quick to install
  • Position sensor: the gear always positions itself automatically in the perfect point for the selected sprocket
  • UnLock System: the manual gear unlocking system means that, in the event of an anomaly, the gear can be moved manually to the preferred position. It can also be locked back with the upward shifting lever during use.

The Campagnolo 03 rotors were designed to ensure optimal resistance to overheating, thus guaranteeing greater braking capability even in the most critical situations.


  • 2 x 160 mm diameter
  • Rounded corners
  • Safe and easy wheel mounting
  • Heat resistant
  • The disc was designed to rapidly dissipate the heat The aluminium spider also contributes to preventing the hub from overheating
  • The rivets are positioned far away from the calliper
  • There is less thermal stress at the more delicate points

Super Record Brake Calipers ensure powerful braking that can be regulated in any situation thanks to their 22-millimeter-diameter pistons. Pad return has now been optimized to ensure there is no friction when the brake lever is released. A special metal plate, positioned between the pad and the caliper piston, cushions the vibrations during braking. Special attention was paid to making maintenance and assembly simple: the pads have wear indicators and replacing them is made easier by the absence of physical return springs. Insertion of the disc into the caliper was also worked on to make changing the wheel easier and faster.

The new Super Record Chain also had to be redesigned in order for it to interface with all the other new transmission components. The first, essential objective was therefore to make it smaller. It is now 5.15 millimeters wide also thanks to the new pins perfectly aligned with the external surface of the links. The second objective was to safeguard performance thanks to the Ultra-link system, which makes the chain safe and long-lasting, and to a special treatment that guarantees high-level smoothness and precision shifting. 

Super Record Wireless Batteries are easy to remove from their respective components. and are easy to charge thanks to quick-snap magnetic ports. The batteries charge to 100% of their full capacity in just 60 minutes. You can ride up to 1000 km on a full charge. 4 LED lights, visible in any conditions, indicate the battery charge level.

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