Enduro Bearings 3803 LLB W 10mm
Enduro Bearings 3803 LLB W 10mm

Enduro Bearings 3803 LLB W 10mm

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Extra-Wide, Double-Row, ABEC-3, Radial Bearing with 52100 high-Carbon Chromium alloy races paired with grade 10 Balls. This bearing is assessed by Industry Nine in their rear hubs, and by Trek and Niner bike as a suspension pivot. The extra-wide double-row design greatly reduces flex in the axle of the rear hub or suspension linkage, while precisely filling the same space as two 6803 single-row bearings. This ABEC-3 bearing features deep-groove design races, with Grade 10 balls, LLB seals and 90% fill with high pressure water proof grease to withstand daily abuse of use and the elements.

The Enduro line of bearings are available in high-carbon chromium steel, 440C stainless steel, ceramic-hybrid and XD-15 with ceramic or stainless balls. Our bearings are always engineered with deepest groove races possible to accommodate the largest balls and feature dual-lip seals that ride in a micro-groove creating a full labyrinth to provide superior protection against the elements.

Bearing Specifications: 

  • Double row bearing
  • Known to fit some Industry Nine rear hubs
  • Grade 10 steel balls rated at ABEC 3 precision
  • Dual-lip labyrinth seals keep dirt out and grease in, even under extreme conditions
  • Packed from the factory with the highest quality Rock ‘N’ Roll grease
  • Static load: 62bf,.5N
  • Weight: 5.5g
  • Size: 17mm 26mm x 10mm

Note: Bearings may differ in colours and look.


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