Reserve 34|37 700c Rim Only (SET)

Reserve 34|37 700c Rim Only (SET)

Regular price$1,699.99 CAD

The Reserve 34/37 is the wheelset for everything you do on your road bike, designed to find that perfect balance between weight, stability and aerodynamics. It benefits from a wider, shallower front mixed with a narrower, taller rear wheel. Imagined in the wind tunnel and then proven on the tarmac with our professional race teams, the 34|37 provides quick acceleration and predictable handling, conditions be damned.

Designed For: All around road riding and climbing
Inner Width: 23mm Front, 22mm Rear
External Width: 30mm Front, 29mm Rear
Depth: 34mm Front, 37mm Rear
Recommended Tire Dimensions: 25 to 35mm
Spoke Count: 24

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