ENVE Melee Frameset
ENVE Melee Frameset
ENVE Melee Frameset
ENVE Melee Frameset
ENVE Melee Frameset
ENVE Melee Frameset

ENVE Melee Frameset

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The Melee takes design cues from our own Custom Road, but where the Custom Road prioritizes customization, the Melee prioritizes efficiency and speed. With geometry and handling characteristics optimized for 27 to 32 mm tires, the Melee is a modern road race bike engineered to provide the performance competitive riders demand. The Melee performs in all the areas that count – efficient power transmission, weight, aerodynamics and versatility. To achieve the versatility today’s road racers require, the Melee provides riders with up to 35 mm of tire clearance.

Building on ENVE’s foundation of Real-World Fast™ aero technologies, the Melee has been designed to complement the SES™ wheel line and to deliver aero efficiency that places it amongst the fastest bikes on the road. Tailoring tube shapes to complement SES™ rim shapes allows the Melee to efficiently pair with any ENVE SES™ or Foundation wheelset. Features such as the Integrated Front-End ensures the Melee is aerodynamically optimized as the wires and hoses are routed internally to be out of sight and out of the wind. 

At ENVE, we believe that you are only as fast as your fit allows. Ensuring that the majority of riders out there achieve their ideal fit and the intended ride experience, the Melee is offered in seven frame sizes with five fork rakes. Additionally, handlebar width, stem length, and seatpost setback are chosen à la carte to ensure the correct fit from the start. These options make the Melee the most readily customizable fixed geometry race bike on the market.

The Melee is a modern road racer that delivers on ENVE’s Real-World Fast™ design philosophy. Built for agility and response, with 35 mm of tire clearance, the Melee is ready for crieriums and classics alike. 

  • Real-World Fast™ aero optimization
  • Tube shapes complement SES rim shapes
  • Max Tire Clearance: 35 mm
  • Frame Weight: 850 grams (56cm, Painted, No Hardware)

Frame Material                                  
ENVE M.O.D Carbon

Fork Material                                     
ENVE M.O.D Carbon

Target Application                            
Road Race/Performance

Sizes (cm)                                           
47, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60

Fork Rake                                           
55, 51, 47, 43, 39

Frame Size/Fork Rake                        
47cm/55, 50cm/51, 52cm/47, 54cm/47,
56cm/43, 58cm/43, 60cm/39

Frame Weight                                    
850g +/- 2% (Size 56, Painted, No Hardware)

ENVE Integrated IS52/IS52 Internal Drop-In

Headset Bearing                                
1.5″ IS52 Upper and Lower

Seat Post Diameter                            

BB Type                                              
T47 Inboard Bearing

Brake Mount                                      
Flat Mount

Front Axle                                          
12×100 (Total Length: 122, TP:1.5, TL:15)

Rear Axle                                           
12×142 (Total Length: 168, TP:1.0, TL:14)

Minimum Tire Size                            

Optimal Tire Size                               

Maximum Listed Tire Clearance        

Frame Routing                                   

* Specifications are subject to change without notice

**Price for stem, bar, seatpost, and frame. Saddle not included.

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