Park Tool Big Rolling Kit
Park Tool Big Rolling Kit
Park Tool Big Rolling Kit

Park Tool Big Rolling Kit

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The BRK-1 is our ultimate mobile mechanic tool kit. This tailored selection of 100 professional-grade bike tools was carefully chosen by our team of experienced mechanics, with a comprehensive offering of the tools you'll need to adjust, replace, diagnose, and repair most components on a bicycle. Whether you're working in a professional race pit, neutral support tent at a local event, or the trailhead parking lot, you'll have the tools you need — and none of the tools you don't.

The BRK-1 was designed around our BX-3 Rolling Big Blue Box, a professional-grade toolbox for the professional bike mechanic. When open, the BX-3 is a neatly-organized display of your tool collection, featuring dual-sided pallets with hundreds of custom-designed loops and pockets. The BX-3 has room to grow your tool collection even when fully loaded with the contents of the BRK-1. When closed, the BX-3 is built for travel, with a tough weather-resistant outer shell, integrated wheels and an extendable handle.


BX-3 Dimensions: 23.4" x 17.3" x 9.3" (59.5 cm x 44 cm x 23.5 cm)
Weight: 48.5 lbs (22 kg)

NOTE: Tool kit contents are subject to change.


  • EWS-2 Bicycle Electronic Shift Tool
  • TL-6.3 Steel Core Tire Levers
  • IR-1.3 Internal Cable Routing Kit
  • BBT-69.4 Bottom Bracket / Lockring Tool — 16-Notch
  • RR-12.2 Tape Measure
  • BBT-RS Bottom Bracket Tool Retaining System 
  • BBT-79.3 Bottom Bracket Tool — 12-Notch
  • PS-1 Disc Brake Pad Spreader
  • EP-1 End Cap Crimping Pliers
  • MWF-3 Metric Flare Wrench 
  • SW-6 Spoke Wrench — 3.7 mm
  • DAG-3 Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge 
  • GSC-4 Bicycle Cassette Cleaning Brush
  • GSC-3 Drivetrain Cleaning Brush
  • EWS-1 Bicycle Electronic Shift Tool
  • THT-30 T30 Sliding T-Handle Torx®-Compatible Wrench
  • THT-25 T25 Sliding T-Handle Torx®-Compatible Wrench
  • THT-20 T20 Sliding T-Handle Torx®-Compatible Wrench
  • THT-10 T10 Sliding T-Handle Torx®-Compatible Wrench
  • THH-8 8 mm Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench
  • THH-6 6 mm Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench
  • THH-5 5 mm Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench
  • THH-4 4 mm Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench
  • THH-3 3 mm Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench
  • THH-25 2.5 mm Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench
  • THH-2 2 mm Sliding T-Handle Hex Wrench
  • CC-4 Chain Checker  
  • SR-12.2 Sprocket Remover / Chain Whip
  • CT-3.3 Chain Tool  
  • LP-7 Utility Pliers
  • BX-3 Rolling Big Blue Box  
  • PW-4 Professional Pedal Wrench
  • SCW-13 13 mm Shop Cone Wrench
  • SW-3 Spoke Wrench — 3.96 mm
  • #1670 10 mm Hex Bit (68 mm L)
  • SW-2 Spoke Wrench — 3.45 mm  
  • SW-0 Spoke Wrench — 3.23 mm 
  •  #1668 8 mm Hex Bit (26.5 mm L)
  • #1666 6 mm Hex Bit (26.5 mm L)
  • #1665 5 mm Hex Bit (26.5 mm L)
  • #1664 4 mm Hex Bit (26.5 mm L)
  • #1663 3 mm Hex Bit (26.5 mm L)
  • SPA-2 Pin Spanner
  • GSC-1 GearClean™ Brush
  • #1655 15 mm Socket
  • #1654 14 mm Socket
  • BBT-10.2 Adjusting Cap Tool
  • #1650 10 mm Socket
  • SBC-1 Spoke, Bearing, and Cotter Gauge
  • PAW-6 6-Inch Adjustable Wrench
  • HXS-1.2 Professional L-Shaped Hex Wrench Set
  • SD-3 3 mm Flat Blade Screwdriver
  • SD-0 #0 Phillips Screwdriver
  • VP-1C Vulcanizing Patch Kit  
  • VC-1 Valve Core Tool
  • CNW-2 Chainring Nut Wrench 
  • CN-10 Professional Cable and Housing Cutter 
  • NP-6 Needle-Nose Pliers
  • UP-SET Utility Pick Set — Instructions
  • TWS-3 3-Way Torx®-Compatible Wrench
  • TWS-1 Torx®-Compatible Wrench Set
  • SZR-1 Scissors
  • TW-6.2 Ratcheting Click-Type Torque Wrench  
  • TW-5.2 Ratcheting Click-Type Torque Wrench 
  • SCW-19 19 mm Shop Cone Wrench
  • SCW-17 17 mm Shop Cone Wrench
  • SCW-15 15 mm Shop Cone Wrench
  • FR-5.2H Cassette Lockring Tool with Handle
  • AWS-3 3-Way Hex Wrench
  • AWS-1 3-Way Hex Wrench
  • ATD-1.2 Adjustable Torque Driver
  • MW-10 10 mm Metric Wrench
  • MW-9 9 mm Metric Wrench
  • FR-1.3 Freewheel Remover — Shimano®, Etc.
  • MW-8 8 mm Metric Wrench
  • DT-2 Rotor Truing Fork
  • BO-2 Bottle Opener
  • DSD-4 Derailleur Screwdriver
  • DSD-2 Derailleur Screwdriver
  • HMR-8 8 oz. Shop Hammer
  • DH-1 Dummy Hub 
  • MLP-1.2 Master Link Pliers 
  • CWP-7 Compact Crank Puller 

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