TiGr BL400 Blue Mini Lock w/Clip
TiGr BL400 Blue Mini Lock w/Clip
TiGr BL400 Blue Mini Lock w/Clip
TiGr BL400 Blue Mini Lock w/Clip

TiGr BL400 Blue Mini Lock w/Clip

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The mini version of the next step in TiGr® evolution!!

BLUE Steel TiGr® mini u-lock
Strong: Certified Bicycle Security
Light: ~15oz/423g (less than half the weight of typical bike locks)
Flexible: Wraps around the things you want to protect

ART® Certified for bicycle security (ART**)

Blue steel TiGr® mini shackle
- Hardened high carbon blue steel wrapped in clear coating
- Locking area up to ~7"/178mm long, ~4"/102mm wide 

Stainless steel TiGr® cylinder
- Push-button locking for quick lock-ups
- Robust, pick-resistant disc tumbler mechanism
- Knurled ring for sure grip

Reinforced TiGr® mounting clip
 - Holds the lock snug as you ride
 - As easy to attach as a bottle cage


  • Flush the lock mechanism with WD-40 from time-to-time and/or as needed. The more use and/or exposure to dust and dirt, the more frequent.
  • Use lock-specific lubricants when lubricating any bike lock.


  • Can I lock bike frame and a wheel to a bike rack? Yes, in most cases, but not all. The shackle shape is compact and optimized for locking bike frame to bike rack. The mini shape is well suited for the Sheldon Brown method of locking rear wheel through rear triangle to bike rack as shown above.
  • Can I lock an e-bike to a bike rack with a TiGr BLUE mini? Yes, in most cases.
  • Can I lock a Onewheel electric skateboard or an e-scooter with a TiGr mini? Yes, in most cases it will work for bicycles, e-bikes, Super73 bikes, Onewheel riders and more. 
  • What if my bike frame does not have bottle cage mounts? The TiGr mounting clip works with most bottle cage adapters. It also fits easily in most frame bags, backpacks and bicycle panniers.
  • Are bottle cage screws included? No, Most bikes come with bottle cage screws on board. If not, standard M5 screws work in most cases.
  • Will the lock scratch my bike? The clear plastic coating on the shackle provides frame protection.

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