Specialized Globe LT Cargo Side Bag
Specialized Globe LT Cargo Side Bag
Specialized Globe LT Cargo Side Bag

Specialized Globe LT Cargo Side Bag

Regular price$349.99 CAD

Need to pick up some blueprints in the rain? How about your laptop, hard drive, pens, pencils, some notebooks, your lunch in a brown paper bag, and 12 textbooks in a tropical depression quickly becoming a hurricane? You’d still have room to spare with the Globe Cargo Side Bag. Hide your stuff from the elements with this pair of double-wide weather-proof saddle bags, specially built for the Haul LT.

WIDELOAD: These bags are the length of two panniers with a roll top. You can roll down to protect your gear from the weather, or roll up and use the extra height for even more stuff.

HOOK UP AND HEAD OUT: With simple hook and loop attachment to the adjustable cargo rail and running boards, switching from carrying passengers to using these puppies is simple as.

  • Pair of double length pannier style side bags.
  • Designed for frictionless compatibility with Haul LT.
  • 30” long, enough to fit 2+ full grocery bags.
  • 33L volume in low position and expandable to 59L volume in tall position.
  • Roll down for weather proofing, roll up and expand to double height for max storage.
  • Hook and loop attachments.
  • Require running boards and adjustable cargo rail for secure installation.
  • Sold as a pair.

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