Specialized Globe LT Adjustable Cargo Rail
Specialized Globe LT Adjustable Cargo Rail

Specialized Globe LT Adjustable Cargo Rail

Regular price$349.99 CAD

The adjustable cargo rail is the behind the scenes workhorse that makes the Haul LT electric bike magic. Set it up for whatever you need to get more into it. Strap on your cargo bags, or use it as a passenger handlebar. It’s not flashy, but when you realize the work it does it becomes a site to behold. With the adjustable cargo rail, the Haul LT is your oyster.

CUSTOM: However you need it, that’s how it comes. Customize the width, height and layout of your rails to suit your needs. With the locking QR pins, adjustments have never been easier.

HOLDING IT ALL TOGETHER: Like a family home, the adjustable cargo rails hold the rest of the Globe family of accessories together. Lock in whatever you’d like, however you’d like it.

  • Customizable support for Cargo bags or passengers.
  • Features vertical mounting points for locks, bottle cages and other Globe electric bike accessories.
  • Designed for frictionless compatibility with Haul LT.
  • Intended for use with the Cargo Side Bags or passengers, not a loaded platform.
  • Able to be used as handlebars for passengers.
  • 3 width options and 4 height settings.
  • QR pins for easy adjustment or removal.
  • Requires tools for assembly not included with purchase.

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