Why the Diverge?

Whether your goal is to explore the tranquility of secluded gravel back roads, far from the hustle of cars and crowds, or to take the lead in your favorite gravel race, the new Diverge outshines all others. It stands as perhaps the most enjoyable bike ever crafted by Specialized, providing a ride that is both agile and spirited under power, while maintaining stability and instilling confidence on rugged terrain.

With features like Future Shock 2.0, purpose-built gravel geometry, internal storage, and the leading tire clearance in its category, the Diverge embodies the accumulated wisdom gained from over 40 years of navigating roads, gravel, and dirt. This groundbreaking bike signifies a fresh chapter in the gravel bike category, encouraging you to envision entirely new adventures. The Diverge stands as the ultimate getaway vehicle, inviting you to embark on thrilling journeys with unparalleled confidence and joy.

Technical Details

Specialized designed Future Shock with cobbles in mind, but it has proven to be the ultimate technology for navigating rough roads, thick gravel, and challenging dirt terrain. The adjustable, hydraulically damped travel of Future Shock 2.0 ensures you stay in control and on target, providing protection for your hands, arms, and shoulders from the rigors of the ride.

  • Future Shock 2.0
  • Plenty of Clearance
  • SWAT Equipped


44 49 52 54 56 58 61 64
A | Reach 357mm 365mm 374mm 383mm 392mm 401mm 410mm 419mm
B | Stack 568mm 571mm 577mm 592mm 610mm 634mm 659mm 684mm
C | Head Tube Angle 69.5° 70° 70.5° 71.25° 71.75° 71.75° 71.75° 72.25°
D | Front Center 604mm 607mm 614mm 620mm 630mm 647mm 664mm 675mm
E | BB Drop 80mm 80mm 80mm 80mm 80mm 80mm 80mm 80mm
F | Wheelbase 1016mm 1019mm 1026mm 1032mm 1042mm 1059mm 1076mm 1088mm
G | Chainstay Length 425mm 425mm 425mm 425mm 425mm 425mm 425mm 425mm
H | Head Tube Length 99mm 99mm 104mm 116mm 133mm 159mm 185mm 209mm
I | Top Tube Length 515mm 529mm 542mm 558mm 573mm 589mm 605mm 628mm
J | Seat Tube Angle 74.5° 74° 73.75° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73°
K | Standover 683mm 700mm 725mm 754mm 779mm 805mm 832mm 859mm

Frame Sizing

The sizing chart is a great place to start when picking your next bike but everyone will fit a bike a bit differently. Your torso, arm, and leg lengths all play into what size of bike you may need. Plus, there's your own personal preference.

We always recommend swinging by the shop and taking the bike that you're looking for a spin to see how it feels. If you're unable to come by, looking at the geometry of your current bike and comparing it is a good place to start. If you have any further questions, our customer service team is there to help.

Size Height
44 142 - 155cm
49 155 - 163cm
52 163 - 170cm
54 170 - 175cm
56 175 - 180cm
58 180 - 188cm
61 188 - 196cm
64 196 - 205cm
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