Santa Cruz Bullit top tube logo in matte bronze


What goes up, loves coming down

Why the Bullit?

The Bullit stands as an electric mountain bike meticulously crafted to conquer the most formidable and challenging trails, regardless of their incline or descent. Picture those gnarly, rock-strewn paths that typically intimidate even the most robust mountain bikes. Now, envision venturing further beyond those limits. With its robust Shimano drive unit, a high-capacity 630 Wh battery, 170mm of VPP™ suspension travel, a substantial 38mm fork, and rugged DoubleDown tires, the Bullit embodies a fearless and unrestrained approach to trail riding. This bike is tailor-made for riders who yearn for downhill adventures that lie well beyond the reach of chairlifts or shuttle roads.

  1. Travel: 170mm
  2. Wheelsize: MX
  3. Drive Unit: Shimano EP801
  4. Battery Size: 630wh

Technical Details

The Bullit is compatible with both coil and air shocks for maximum choice and maximum send.

  • Coil or Air
  • Shimano EP8 Drive
  • 170mm VPP Travel
  • Lifetime Warranty
Santa Cruz Bullit shock tunnel with a Rockshox Super Deluxe coil shock
Santa Cruz Bullit Shimano EP8 motor
Santa Cruz Bullit VPP suspension upper link
Santa Cruz Bullit CC logo top tube gloss lavender
Santa Cruz Bullit driveside full bike photo - Gloss Carbon and Blue

Bullit Overview

Get the full lowdown on Santa Cruz's big travel, hard charging full-power EMTB

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A | Reach 450 475 495 515
B | Stack 621 630 648 670.4
C | Head Tube Angle 64° 64° 64° 64°
D | Seat Tube Length 405 430 460 500
E | Front Center 789.4 818.8 847.5 878.5
F | BB Height 348 348 348 348
G | BB Drop 25.5/6.5 25.5/6.5 25.5/6.5 25.5/6.5
H | Wheelbase 1238.5 1267.9 1296.7 1327.7
I | Rear Center 449 449 449 449
J | Head Tube Length 100 110 130 155
K | Top Tube Length 591.3 619.2 644.9 672.1
L | Seat Tube Angle 77.2° 77.1° 77° 76.8°
M | Standover Height 748 747 745 745
Geoff power-wheelies his Santa Cruz Bullit at speed on a dank North Shore trail

Frame Sizing

The sizing chart is a great place to start when picking your next bike but everyone will fit a bike a bit differently. Your torso, arm, and leg lengths all play into what size of bike you may need. Plus, there's your own personal preference.

We always recommend swinging by the shop and taking the bike that you're looking for a spin to see how it feels. If you're unable to come by, looking at the geometry of your current bike and comparing it is a good place to start. If you have any further questions, our customer service team is there to help.

Size Height
M 165 - 175cm
L 175 - 185cm
XL 183 - 193cm
XXL 193 - 201cm
Jackson Goldstone tire taps a Santa Cruz Bullit on a log, on a dry, dusty trail