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Why the Heckler?

Danny MacAskill can't help but sing the praises of e-bike adventures, and when he's out riding, he just keeps going. That's one reason why we've taken the Heckler to new heights, distances, and speeds. With its hefty interchangeable 720Wh battery, this e-bike opens up trails that were once out of reach, unlocks less-traveled paths, and lets you squeeze more riding into less time. The Heckler boasts a substantial 150mm of rear travel (paired with a 160mm travel fork up front) using VPP™ suspension, meticulously fine-tuned to conquer expansive trails on thrilling descents and grip the terrain like glue during climbs. It offers versatility with the option of mixed or dual 29-inch wheel sizes and a comprehensive range of frame sizes, from small to XXL.

  1. Travel: 160mm [F] 150mm [R]
  2. Wheel size: 29" & MX
  3. Drive Unit: Shimano EP801
  4. Battery: 720wh

Technical Details

The new Shimano EP8 motor is lighter, more powerful and more efficient. All this means it's even more capable of tackling longer, tougher rides.

  • Shimano EP-801 Motor
  • Details Matter
  • Coil or Air
  • Lifetime Warranty
Santa Cruz Heckler in grey with a Shimano EP8 motor
Santa Cruz Heckler shock mud flap
Santa Cruz Heckler gloss grey with Rockshox Super Deluxe air shock
Santa Cruz Heckler 4 in gloss grey headtube badge
Santa Cruz Heckler 9 behind Steed Cycles in gloss grey

Heckler Review

Read all about what makes the Heckler 9 a full power all-day trail slayer!

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S - 27.5" Only M L XL XXL
hi|lo hi|lo hi|lo hi|lo hi|lo
A Reach 430|427 455|452 475|472 495|492 520|517
B Stack 607.3|609 615.8|618 629.4|632 647.5|650 665.6|668
C Head Tube Angle 64.8°|64.5° 64.8°|64.5° 64.8°|64.5° 64.8°|64.5° 64.8°|64.5°
D Seat Tube Length 390|390 405|405 430|430 460|460 500|500
E Front Center 760.6|761 780.9|781 807.3|807 835.8|736 869.4|869
F Bottom Bracket Height 346|342 346|342 346|342 346|342 346|342
G Bottom Bracket Drop 8 8|12 8|12 8|12 8|12
H Wheelbase 1205.6|1207 1225.9|1227 1252.3|1253 1280.8|1282 1314.4|1315
I Rear Center 445|446 445|446 445|446 445|446 445|446
J Head Tube Length 130|130 100|100 115|115 135|135 155|155
K Top Tube Length 571.4|572 599|600 623.6|625 644.6|646 673.5|675
L Seat Tube Angle 76.9°|76.7° 76.8°|76.6° 76.7°|76.4° 77°|76.7° 77°|76.8°
M Standover Height 720|716 745|741 743|740 741|737 741|738

*All measurements in degrees or millimetres

Frame Sizing

The sizing chart is a great place to start when picking your next bike but everyone will fit a bike a bit differently. Your torso, arm, and leg lengths all play into what size of bike you may need. Plus, there's your own personal preference.

We always recommend swinging by the shop and taking the bike that you're looking for a spin to see how it feels. If you're unable to come by, looking at the geometry of your current bike and comparing it is a good place to start. If you have any further questions, our customer service team is there to help.

Please note, the Small frame comes with 27.5" wheels only.

The Heckler MX is available in sizes medium - extra extra large (M-XXL).

The Heckler 29 is available in sizes medium - extra extra large (M-XXL

Size Height
Imperial Metric
S 5'1"-5'5" 155 - 165cm
M 5'5"-5'9" 165 - 175cm
L 5'9-6'1" 175 - 185cm
XL 6'1"-6'4" 185 - 193cm
XXL 6'4" - 6'7" 193 - 201cm