Steed Cycles 2022 Pennzoil Trail Days

Pennzoil Trail

It's the start of a new season, and that means time for trail days again! It's been a long winter and the trails have taken a beating, time to get out there, put shovels to dirt and get the trails in shape ready for summer. 

As part of the NSMBA's Trail Adoption Plan (TAP) we've been a sponsor of Pennzoil on lower Fromme with Santa Cruz Bicycles now since 2019. With massive help from NSMBA builders Sarah Brassil and Gordon McNaughton, what started as a relatively unloved, janky trail has over the last few years has turned into something that flows a little better. That's not to say that the trail has gotten any less technical, but now works as a more complete trail and is a lot more fun to ride.

Pennzoil Trail Day

Sarah and Gordon make a lot of work happen on the trail, but we rely on volunteers to come help us, because many bodies make light work. So once a month we hold a public Trail Day where you too can come help put some work back into your local trails.

Trail Day Schedule:

- Friday April 29
- Friday May 27
- Friday June 24
- Friday Sept 30
- Friday Oct 28

Friday April 29 Report:

We kicked the season off with our first trail day on Friday 29th April. With an amazing turn-out of 17 people we got a ton of awesome work done that mainly focussed on reshaping two corners to make the entry wider and adding more support so that riders can carry speed better into the next section. Big shout out to all of our volunteers for making it happen - we couldn't have done it without you. Also big shout out to Seb from Santa Cruz for coming and pitching in as well as providing some swag and food and drinks for the hard workers.

April Trail Day

April Trail day