Sara and Loic Moved From France to BC to Ride Their Bikes

If you've visited Steed Cycles in the last couple of years, you'll likely know Sara and Loic already. Sara and Loic are brother and sister originally from near the French/Swiss border close to Geneva and are no strangers to the outdoors. They both arrived in BC separated by a few months in late 2019/early 2020.

Loic is a bike mechanic and ski tech in the winter season and moved here inspired to follow his love for mountain sports. Sara has a Master's Degree in osteopathy and moved here shortly after completing it. Anyone that knows these two will know that they're both super fun-loving and it's a laugh a minute hanging out with them. Some of you may be familiar with Loic's creative photo editing skills, having made their way into some of our recent media, and that sums these two up well. Goofy and fun yet dedicated to their passions, they don't take life too seriously and know how to have a good time. They both fit in well here at Steed and we couldn't be happier to have them along for the ride.

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We snuck along with French sibling staffers Loic and Sara for the least rainy December morning we could manage to see what an average Sunday in the life of a couple of Steed employees looks like and got to know them a little better while we were at it.

Q - What brought you to BC from France?

  • Loic - Mountain biking and skiing are what brought me here, as well as the outdoors generally. I came here eleven years ago and spent four months in Whistler March to June and have waited ever since to come back.
  • Sara - I finished my university studies and wanted a change. BC has a uniquely beautiful environment and all of the sports I enjoy. I also wanted a chance to learn another language and BC means I can play in the mountains and practice my English. Loic and I both applied for our visa here and the selection process is totally random - you may not even get in. Loic got his visa and two days later I got mine, so we had to come.

United Strangers

United Strangers

Q - How about Steed Cycles? What brought you to the shop?

  • Sara - Because I arrived around the start of COVID I couldn't work as an Osteopath. I previously worked in other bike shops so I decided to do that again and for me it was Steed or nothing. Steed is like the Apple Store of bike stores. I'm also a big fan of Santa Cruz bikes and Steed is one of the biggest Santa Cruz dealers in Canada so for me it was obvious to work here.
  • Loic - Steed was my first choice of shops to work in but already had a workshop full of mechanics when I applied, so I got a job at another local shop. Later on Steed was looking for mechanics so I made the switch. Steed has an amazing workshop - for a mechanic it's an awesome shop to work in and to me it's the best shop around.

Q - What do you love about living in the Sea To Sky?

  • Loic - It's so beautiful here. It's in the name - you have sea and sky and everything in between. It's rare to have somewhere with such amazing mountains, water and be able to do all of those sorts of sports - Hiking, biking, skiing, surfing, even without a car. Everything is so accessible.
  • Sara - I love the natural enviroment here - like Loic said, it's so beautiful. Wunderbar! I love that North Vancouver is like a city without being in the city. It has everything you need like shops, bars, restaurants, but it's so easy to get into the mountains or water and do any type of sport you want.
Steed cycles 7Mesh

Steed Cycles 7Mesh

Q - What's your favourite part of Steed culture?

  • Loic - For me it's the staff. Usually at work there are people you like and people you don't get along with, but here it's so easy to get along with everyone, they're all super friendly. I love that I have the kind of co-workers that I can hang out with outside of work. It's also super motivating to have co-workers that ride a lot, we all go out for rides together.
  • Sara - I love that everyone here rides, it makes it easy to find a riding partner any day of the week. I love our Sunday morning rides, the shop opens a little later and it means it's easier for us all to go for a ride together. It's also great to have people that are into different types of cycling - like Tom got me into gravel riding last year! I also love that we can share other activities outside of work, like hiking and drinking beer.

Q - You and Loic are obviously very close, did you plan to be so close to one another in BC?

  • Loic - We both planned to come here, but not to work in the same shop. I thought about going to a different part of BC but we both ended up in North Vancouver. It's nice to have some family close by.

Steed Cycles 7Mesh

Steed Cycles 7Mesh

Q - who is faster on a bike?

  • Loic - Sara, except on climbs.
  • Sara - Loic used to be faster. I'm maybe less scared - stubborn, crazy.
  • Loic - Yes, more crazy than me. I used to be faster, but not any more.
  • Sara - I just love trying to go faster. Loic goes faster on the climbs. "I'm a french snail climbing"

Sara lives super close to the trails in Blueridge, and United Strangers is conveniently close for a Sunday morning coffee before a quick ride on the Seymour trails from her house. Loic lives close by Lonsdale and rides Fromme more often but they regularly ride on a Sunday morning together

Q - What's your go-to Sunday morning lap?

  • Sara - From home, 1 x John deer to wake up, Severed to get a bit scared. Severed is better in the rain, it's more scary. Or Pangor - lower pangor - slash - empress bypass if it's dry.
  • Loic - I prefer to ride the loamers, but one of my favourites is Fromme climb trail to 7th Secret, Pipeline and finishing on Lower Digger.

Steed Cycles 7Mesh

Steed Cycles 7Mesh

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