Michael Van Der Ham

Podcast - Michael van den Ham and Cody Scott Racing in Front of 50,000 Fans

Michael Van Der Ham

Photo: Ethan Glading

Take a second and imagine lining up for a competition in a country where that sport is one of the major spectator events in the nation! Well, Michael van den Ham and Cody Scott got to experience that earlier this month at the 2023 Cyclocross World Championships in the Netherlands. 

With 50,000 plus spectators surrounding the course, Cody shared his experience of having no choice but to take it all in and get the racing done.

Cody Scott

Photo: Bill Schieken 

It’s not all racing and travel for Michael. As the Head Mountain Bike Coach for Devo Youth Cycling Club in Vancouver, he fosters the passions and pathways that he has helped create over the years of travelling to Europe. 

If you enjoyed listening to our podcast, Michael also has his own podcast about his Canadian Cyclocross that you can find on most podcasting platforms called Canuck Crosscast.

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