Podcast - Kevin Calhoun, North Shore Enigma

Podcast - Kevin Calhoun, North Shore Enigma

Kevin Calhoun is something of an enigma on the North Shore of Vancouver. A lot of people either know of or know him personally, and many have a story or two about Calhoun, but just like the elusive bigfoot, true facts about the man remain few and far between.

Kevin Calhoun

Photo: James Lissimore

Many of you may not know he grew up in a small town in Ontario
, and worked for a shoe company before starting his career in the bike industry. Calhoun's funnest fact, and the most Canadian claim to fame, is that he can drive a Zamboni. Over the years while living on the North Shore, Kevin has created and holds a reputation as an incredibly skilled bike handler as one of the longest standing Rocky Mountain Bicycles ambassadors.


So if you're ever asked the question “who is Kev Calhoun?” Now you will know what to say; a quiet Canadian that drives a Zamboni and rides a bike damn fast!