Podcast Episode 9 With Cooper Quinn From Nsmba

Podcast Episode 9 With Cooper Quinn From Nsmba

In episode 9 of the Steed Podcast Sam sits down with Cooper Quinn, President of the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA). Cooper last joined us back in April of 2020 and to say things have changed since then would be an understatement. It's always a pleasure chatting with Cooper, and when it comes to finding out about what's going on with North Shore trails, where better to get the lowdown than straight from the horse's mouth?

 Cooper Quinn

Photo: Dave Smith

Some of the biggest news to come from the NSMBA lately is the sanctioning of certain trails on Cypress and the building of a new climb trail. This news to some may have alarm bells ringing, but Cooper is clear that they do not want the character of the trails to change. More exciting news includes the sanctioning of popular 'secret' trail on Seymour, Cambodia. Sanctioning these trails means that they can be protected without fear of the local governing bodies closing them, as well as making it easier to bring volunteers in to work on them, and is pretty much a win/win situation. The big question is, what next? Tune in to this episode to find out.

As ever, we wholeheartedly support the amazing work the NSMBA does. We're thrilled to see memberships on the rise and as a result the trails are looking better than ever. If you want to show your support to the NSMBA, please consider buying a membership, buying some of their awesome merch, or volunteering for a trail day. Thanks and see you out there!