Podcast Episode 8 - Noa Deutsch From Performance Training

Podcast Episode 8 - Noa Deutsch From Performance Training

Episode 8 - Noa Deutsch From Performance Training Chats About Diet, Bike Fit and the Basics That You Might Be Doing Wrong

In Episode 8 Jarrad sits down with Noa Deutsch from Performance Training. Because everything is connected and issues are very rarely isolated, Noa uses a holistic approach to ensuring athletes are on the right track to getting the most out of themselves and their bike. Including nutrition, bike fit, training and coaching, Noa looks at the whole package, while also using her network of specialist Physiotherapists, Remedial Massage Therapists and more to help people reach their best performance.

Noa Deutsch

 Photo: @HofmarkPhotography

 Nutrition is super important, both long term and short term. How you eat, what you eat and when you eat play a vital role in performance. If you've ever wondered how best to fuel your ride, Noa gives some great tips about what to eat and when through a bike ride so you can stay feeling fresh and energised at the right time - something so many people can get wrong.

The last couple of years have shaken things up for the bike fit business, as they have for many businesses. Noa took the opportunity of being closed for a few months in 2020 to refocus and shift her business from 'bike fitting' to 'dynamic cycling analysis'. The aim is roughly the same, but with a much more in depth process of analysing the body using a variety of digital methods and tools, and of course what her eyes and the athlete is telling her to create a much bigger picture. The word "dynamic" implies that the cyclist is dynamic on the bike, but also something that changes over time, because the human body is always changing - maybe becoming leaner, more flexible, fitter. She uses not only the fit on the bike but coaching and training methods as well as external specialists to address issues in the body to improve overall performance on the bike. Tune in to the podcast to hear all about what she does, what you might be doing wrong and the tools you can use to get to the bottom of it.