Podcast Episode 6 - Jess Daniels

Welcome to the Steed Cycles Podcast episode 6. In this episode Jarrad chats with Jess Daniels - team lead for Ellevate XC, a women's cross-country mountain bike team sponsored by Steed Cycles. New for 2021 and featuring Jess, Jenny Lehmann, Emily Williams and a guest rider spot, Ellevate attended as many races as they could this year given the circumstances and attained some awesome results. You can read more about the Ellevate team's trip to Quebec with Maddi Pollock as guest rider for the Canada Cup races earlier this year here.

Jess Daniels Podcast

Unfortunately part way through the 2021 season Jess sustained a concussion and had to sit a few races out. In recent years the seriousness of concussions has been given a lot more attention and now that we know more about them, helmet technology has improved as well as the way we treat them. Thankfully Jess was able to get back on her bike later in the year and get back to racing after a few months off.

Tune in to the podcast to hear Jess talk about her experience with concussions and recovery, women's racing, her path from road cycling to mountain bike racing and what 2022 holds for the Ellevate XC team. As always, a massive thank you to Jess for being a part of the podcast and an integral part of the Steed Cycles shop culture!