Podcast Episode 24 - Jarrad’s in the guest seat talking about his 460km ride (and a bunch of other things)!

Welcome to podcast episode 24! This week Jarrad has the tables turned on him and has to sit in the guest chair while Steed mechanic and former radio journalist, Ash Kelly, jumps into hosting so you can hear all about Jarrad’s recent overnight epic ride (unofficially dubbed the “XXL Island Loop” by Jarrad). Their conversation touches on a lot more than his impressive ride stats though, as the pair dig into what drives us to do hard stuff, even when we don’t have to. The episode also introduces us to our regular host in a more intimate way as we hear about his childhood and generally positive outlook on life.

Jarrad has been riding bikes of all shapes and sizes from the time he could walk and often tells people he will ride anything he can get his hands on, he doesn’t need anything fancy to be happy on two wheels. He was racing BMX and riding motorcycles before he was six years old, racing motorbikes by eight and a mechanic for national motorbike road races in his teens.

Jarrad’s recent XXL Island Loop clocked in at 460 kilometers and took more than 24 hours and four ferries to complete while he averaged a hefty 25 kilometers per hour. The loop began in North Vancouver, then to Victoria and north to Comox, across to the Sunshine Coast, finishing back in North Vancouver with only a small amount of drama. It was a logistically challenging trip in terms of planning, access to water, food overnight, with the added need to time arrivals at some infamously tricky ferries along the way.


We are proud to say Jarrad has been a part of the Steed team for over 4 years. He believes anyone can enjoy cycling, no matter what bike they are on, or what path they are on in life. He brings enthusiasm and positivity to the community through his dedication and coaching.