Podcast Episode 23 - Ramsey Glass @Ramsbikes Talks Bikepacking, Amateur Racing and Social Media Trends

Podcast Episode 23 - Ramsey Glass @Ramsbikes Talks Bikepacking, Amateur Racing and Social Media Trends

Ramsey Glass

Photo by Sean Armenta

Welcome to episode 23 of our podcast! This time around we have Ramsey Glass, also known as @Ramsbikes on Instagram. Ramsey is a Vancouver-based road cyclist and has an Instagram account that's exploded in popularity since she started it in October last year as a creative outlet and a way to express who she is in cycling.

Ramsey only picked up cycling in a serious way in 2020, as with many new cyclists that picked it up through the pandemic. Since then she has spent time trying to find her niche within the sport and has discovered how to many people including herself, cycling is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle, and that there are so many different ways to be a cyclist or a part of cycling without being an elite racer.

Meraloma cycling club

Photo by Melanie Katcher

We're lucky these days for cycling to be as inclusive as it is - free of judgement with bikes, clothing and events available for pretty much everyone, though clearly we still have a way to go. Back in June this year when the Tour De Concord event schedule was published there was no start time and no entries for cat 4/5 women, despite there being a men's race. When Ramsey's team contacted the race organizer, assuming there had been some mistake, they were told that since the event was organized there was no room to change the schedule. Cue the online backlash and support from a ton of other racers and the men promising not to race if the women couldn't, Cycling BC managed to make room for the women to race.

Ramsey says make room for the women and they will come, and she's totally right. We all want 50/50 women/men in cycling to be a reality, so let's treat it like it already is. We applaud Ramsey for standing up for the cat 4 women, because just because you're not a pro racer doesn't mean your experience is any less important.

Tune in to hear the full story and more, Ramsey has a truly unique and interesting perspective and one that we are excited to share. Enjoy!