Podcast Episode 21 - Scott Pilecki and Tristan Olk Turn Back the Clock and Chat Steed Cycles and North Shore History

Podcast Episode 21 - Scott Pilecki and Tristan Olk Turn Back the Clock and Chat Steed Cycles and North Shore History

Welcome to episode 21 of the Steed Cycles podcast. Today we're chatting with Tristan Olk and Scott Pilecki - Tristan and Scott are some of the original Steed Cycles staff from way back in the day when we were just earning our reputation for what we are today. They saw first-hand the shop change from a small business to one of BC's premier bike shops. 

Say what you want about California being the birthplace of mountain biking, but we'd argue that North Shore had a significant hand in the start of 'real' mountain biking. There are few other places in the world with such a high concentration of pro riders, industry professionals, bike companies and amazing trails. It's not uncommon to bump into a pro mountain biker on any given ride out here and Scott and Tristan remember the days when those guys weren't on anyone's radar as the sport was growing.

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A lot has changed since those days and it's fun to reminisce about those times. The North Shore has long been a global stage for the world's best riders and bikes, and even those of use that haven't lived here for that long remember the heyday of Cove Bikes, Banshee, Rocky mountain etc. and the ebb and flow of the bike industry. It's fun to hear about the local perspective and there's a lot we can learn about the local bike scene history from the ramblings of these guys, as well as some silly North Shore stories about #Philannel, The Dumpsters and Gaber. If you're a part of the North Shore mountain bike scene there's a ton of laughs in here, and even if you're not it makes for an entertaining listen!

More than anything else, Scott and Tristan paint a picture of the cameraderie and amazing place to work that is Steed Cycles. Some things don't change and the people that work in bike shops always have one thing in common, and that's a love for bikes. We're lucky to always attract great people to the team here and one thing that hasn't changed is that we always have great times together.  Whether or not you know Scott and Tristan, it's worth taking the time to sit back and listen to some classic North Shore and Steed Cycles stories. Enjoy!