Podcast Episode 19 - Nick, Sam and Shim From Shim’s Ride Talk About Spinal Injury, Epic Rides and Resilience

Welcome to podcast episode 19 and thanks for joining us! We're here today with Nick, Sam and Mathew Szymanowski (AKA Shim) from Shim's ride, the missing member being Cole Glover. A collection of Avid Cyclists, Nick, Sam, Cole and Shim lived together in Victoria from 2014-2019 and rode and raced together.

Shim's RidePhoto: Jay Wallace @jaywalrus

Shim's ride is group dedicated to raising money for spinal cord research through Praxis Spinal Cord Institute. Prior to his injury, Shim was an amazing athlete and decorated in the sports of both rowing and cycling including multiple national titles and representing Canada in the U23 Rowing World Championships. Shim continues to show his strength, dedication and resilience in the way he approaches life post-injury and it's inspiring to see.

Since starting Shim's ride, the team have raised a staggering $105k for spinal cord rehab with their two huge rides and multiple other fundraising efforts. In 2020 Nick, Sam and Cole rode from Port Hardy to Victoria in one shot, a distance of 520km - an incredible effort. In 2021 the plan was to ride from Kelowna to Victoria, however forest fires and smoke meant a change of plans to start in Hope instead. The ride still totalled a massive 510km and the team raised an awesome $21,000.

Shim's RidePhoto: Jay Wallace @jaywalrus

For 2022 the Shim's ride team are doing things a little differently and instead will be racing the Windsor Park Criterium in Victoria on July 24th. There will be a promo ride on June 18th and a fundraiser BBQ on July 23rd - you can see the event schedule here and their fundraising page here if you wish to donate to their amazing cause.

We wish Nick, Sam and Cole the best with their race and fundraising efforts and for Shim's continued rehabilitation and thank you all for taking the time to appear on the podcast. We hope you enjoy listening!