Podcast Episode 15 - Aaron Dobie, Physiotherapist to the Pros

Podcast Episode 15 - Aaron Dobie, Physiotherapist to the Pros

Welcome to podcast episode 15! This week we have Aaron Dobie on the show from DobiePT. Aaron is a trained physiotherapist that specializes in manual therapy and exercise prescription for injury recovery but also in strength and conditioning coaching to help athletes perform at their peak and to help prevent future injury.

Aaron Dobie
Photo: @neffede @vidueo

As a long time cyclist, specifically a mountain biker, Aaron has been riding since he was a kid. At age 16 he started racing and at 19 he entered the pro/elite field and has raced as part of a sponsored team. It's fair to say then that Aaron knows the sport of cycling pretty well and knows the demands we put our bodies through and how to keep them in the best shape for the rigours of mountain biking.

Aaron has had a ton of awesome experiences in the field including various pro cycling teams and Canada's Freestyle Skiing Team. Recent highlights include working as the Physiotherapist for the Giant Factory Off-Road Cycling Team in 2020, Norco Factory Racing Team in 2021 and for 2022 he will be working with Ibis Cycles at the Enduro World Series. 

Tune in to the podcast to hear all about Aaron's personal riding and racing career, his route to phsyiotherapy and some pro tips that you can use to improve your performance and keep injury free to be at the top of your riding game.