Podcast Episode 13 - Kim Steed: Steed Cycles Founder, Owner, Legend

Welcome to episode 13 of the Steed Cycles podcast. This is a bit of a special one, in that we have the man himself Kim Steed as a guest, celebrating 25 years of Steed Cycles. Kim is a man that needs no introduction to many, but for those of you that haven't spent as much time around the shop over the years, Kim is the founder and owner of Steed. Kim opened the first store on March 15th 1997 and never looked back. Many say that Kim is the happiest man in the bike industry, and they'd probably be right.

Kim Steed Photo: Geoff Livingston 

While it's pretty obvious where the name 'Steed Cycles' came from, Kim tells us that he told us the he decided to name the store as such because if you put your name on something, it shows that you put your heart and soul into it. That was true 25 years ago, and it's true now. Kim's passion for bikes and cycling is obvious, and while he might not be as hands-on as he used to be, he's still involved in the daily running of the store and it's obvious that the passion is still there. To have such passion and dedication for so long is admirable, and it really shows in the staff he hires - we all do our best to channel our inner Kimbo, and when your boss is stoked about bikes, it's hard not to be stoked yourself.

Tune in to the full podcast to hear about the store through the years, some of Kim's crazy stories about BMX racing, the Steed Stunt Team and why Green is the official Steed Cycles colour. Enjoy!