Podcast Episode 10 with Ryan And Nic From Northirn Overland

In episode 10 of our podcast Jarrad is joined by Nic and Ryan from Northirn Overland - a vehicle rental company with a difference. Northirn's stable of rental vehicles differs from any other rental company in that their vehicles are equipped to be overland-ready. Overlanding vehicles are typically rugged 4x4s that are kitted out to go anywhere and everywhere and be self-sufficient too.

Anyone that's been overlanding before knows how much fun it is, but it can be expensive to get into, particularly if you don't make regular use of the equipment. Northirn Overland provides an easy and fun alternative for those that don't want to spend the money on a whole overlanding setup. Ready to go right away, whether it's an SUV, pickup truck or trailer, Northirn Overland make it easy to get out there and explore the thousands of kilometers of forest service roads that BC has available.

Overlanding is one of those pastimes complements cycling well - Nic and Ryan being avid cyclists themselves. Having a vehicle that is capable of exploring the backcountry means you can get even further out there on a bike and pick up where the vehicle leaves off. That makes overlanding a great way to get around, base for a cycling vacation or even as a means for a support vehicle for an epic gravel trip. Jarrad, Ryan and Nic chat about the ins and outs of overlanding, bike racing, entrepreneurship  and much more. Enjoy!