Podcast: Cole and Yohann - Conquering the Unknown

Podcast: Cole and Yohann - Conquering the Unknown

Imagine this: competitors, never more than 100 metres apart, embark on a journey that involves biking, kayaking, climbing, and trekking, challenging every muscle of their bodies. Let's dive into the world of adventure racing with Cole and Yohann.

In this high-stakes arena, there are no predefined routes or GPS devices, just raw navigational skills honed through intense but minimal map preparation. Dropping out is not an option as each member is a vital cog, pushing their limits to the extreme. And here's the catch – no limits on legs or distance! Transitions between activities serve as the sole opportunities for restocking supplies, offering a momentary respite in this relentless odyssey.

Nicole Reintsma and Yohann cross the finish line of an adventure race on mountain bikes

Every decision holds weight, some races even offer solo competitions, adding a layer of individual grit to the already intense mix. Picture the solitude of the wild, the unending expanse of nature, and the unyielding spirit of adventure racers, propelling them to conquer the unknown.


In the heart of this adventure, where determination meets the wilderness, the spirit of adventure racing comes alive, weaving a tale of perseverance and triumph. Listen in to get an idea of what adventure racing really is, how to get into it and much more.