Podcast: Ben Carr - More than just a Personal Trainer

Podcast: Ben Carr - More than just a Personal Trainer

Ben Carr, the owner of Innovative Fitness North Vancouver, didn't begin his career with aspirations of becoming a fitness industry leader. In an unexpected turn of events, he found himself engrossed in conversation at the Innovative Fitness booth during a career fair but the idea of being perceived as a mere "glorified pool boy in the gym" left him apprehensive.

Ben Carr

However, as conversation unfolded, Ben's perspective shifted as he realized that his impact could extend far beyond demonstrating how to lift weights. His capacity to assist individuals in reaching their goals outside the gym became evident, particularly in the Sea to Sky corridor, where such support is highly valued.

Advancing a few years, a remarkable evolution occurred. Ben, alongside the Innovative Fitness team, plays an instrumental role in nurturing a vibrant and cohesive community. This community not only empowers individuals to achieve their goals but also provides a nurturing environment for mentorship and growth.


If you would like to  get in contact with Ben hit him up at ben@innovativefitness.com, and to find out about Bikes 'n' Beers head to www.bikesnbeers.ca/, join the Whatsapp chat here or the Facebook group here.