Podcast: Ash Kelly - Shaping the North Shore Cycling Landscape

Podcast: Ash Kelly - Shaping the North Shore Cycling Landscape

Ash Kelly is one of the most free and independent women out there, and that seed of freedom and independence was first sowed on the farm she lived on, riding her bike into and around town gave her that first taste that only a bicycle can bring, and she's been in love ever since.

Ash Kelly

As her freedom grew on the farm and then moving to the city and working for MEC her desire to have an impact in the community also grew. After many years at MEC her desire for community impact led her to journalism which gave her the power to continue to feed that want for greater community. After several years in journalism, Ash felt the need to pursue her love for bicycles and community, which led to her and business partner Adam to open a bicycle service center - Dialed Bike Service

Now after 2 years of Dialed being in business she has started to branch out to help create and aid in multiple community projects and events refilling her cup and feeding that desire to have a greater impact on the community. 


Ash is genuinely one of the most passionate, driven, eclectic and skilled people we know. If you want to get in contact with Ash she is in the workshop at Steed Cycles most weekends and at Dialed Bike Service during the week.