One20 Percent Chamois Cream is All-Natural and Locally Made

One20 Percent Chamois Cream
If you are looking for some natural cycling performance lotions, give one20percent a try.  Formulated by a team of five local women who are road cyclists, mountain bikers, triathletes and trail runners, their products are made in Canada, petroleum and paraben free, and not tested on animals. They have formulated performance and recovery products specifically targeted for use below the waist:  chamois cream for men (P120), chamois cream for women (V120), and natural recovery cream (R120).  After figuring out  what ‘P’ and ‘V’ stand for we concluded that all products work very well 

Natural Chamois Creams: V120 for Women and P120 for Men
This cream reduces chafing so that you can enjoy riding your bike longer.  It rubs in easily and has a pleasant-smelling, natural fragrance.  We’ve used this cream on long ‘all-day’ fondos and it holds up well with no chafing on or near your bits, or unwanted staining on your shorts or chamois.
One20 Percent Chamois Cream

R120 Natural Recovery Cream
We rubbed this cream on our quads after a long ride. The scent is reminiscent of both A535 and Vicks VapoRub being soothed onto the skin. Immediately you feel the tingling of the lotion working to calm sore muscles, activate blood flow and reduce inflammation. The soothing action of the cream being rubbed into your muscles speeds up leg recovery to get you back on your bike.
Pro Tip: wash your hands after use and don’t touch your bits…ouch:)
Words: Stephanie Jansen