New Sram Red Refreshes Their Top Tier Groupset

New Sram Red Refreshes Their Top Tier Groupset

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We've all seen the new SRAM Red in the pro peloton the last year or two, haven't we? Okay, maybe not all of us, but it wasn't exactly a huge secret. Well, it's finally here - SRAM's hotly anticipated new Red groupset; pro level components, pro level performance, now available to us mere mortals. While we've known what it looks like for some time, now we can really dig into the changes and learn what's new, because let me tell you, it's not all surface level.

SRAM's new Red groupset brings a whole new level of control and comfort to high end road. The recent updates to Red bring the top level racing grouppo into line with other modern groupsets like their Force D2; is trickle-up technology a thing? Either way we've got more range, more performance, less weight, and better compatibility. Win/win/win, right? Oh, and did I mention - this is the lightest electronic road groupset ever. More good news is that the whole groupset is backwards-compatible, so someone wanting to just upgrade a derailleur for expanded range, or the shifters for their new ergonomics can do just that.

New SRAM Red Groupset

What's New?

SRAM have made big changes across the board with the new RED. Not a single part has been left unchanged, so let's dig into each component individually to find out what's new.

Red HRD Shift-Brake System

The brake/shifter is the heart of the system, where you spend most of your time, where you interact with the bike, and is one of the first and main contact points on the bike. That's why it's so important to get the hoods, shifters and brake levers dialed - because it affects the feel of the bike in such a big way. SRAM have spent countless hours refining the new Red shift/brake levers to be more ergonomic, but it goes far beyond just the shape.

SRAM Red brake lever/shifter

SRAM noticed that the modern road cyclist spends much more time on the hoods than in the drops than they used to, partly thanks to hydraulic brakes, but this means less leverage on the levers. SRAM have managed to considerably lower the braking input force by 80% in the hoods, so that one-finger braking is now possible across all hand sizes, plus reach and contact adjust means they can be adjusted to the rider's preference without pinching fingers. Bonus shift buttons at the top of the hoods mean you can shift without lifting a finger, and fully reshaped levers mean you can spend more time comfortably on the bike.

Coupled with a lighter and stiffer caliper, dropping 83g overall, the new Red brakes have more easy to access power, and with wider pad clearance than before, say goodbye to rubbing brakes.

New SRAM Red brake caliper

Red Rear Derailleur & Cassette

The new Red rear derailleur is 16g lighter than before, but that's only part of the story. Increased range and compatibility is the front page story here; the Red cassette now comes in your four favourite sizes - 10-28t, 10-30t, 10-33t, and 10-36t and still works on an XDR driver. The rear derailleur now works across the whole range, including 1x and 2x systems, and uses an orbit hydraulic clutch for chain stability, making it perfect for the Tuesday night crit, or the weekend gravel crusher. Need to change the cassette for an upcoming race or trip? No problem, the same derailleur will do it. Larger derailleur pulleys decrease chain angles for increase efficiency and saved watts.

New SRAM Red derailleur and cassette

Red Cranks & Power Meter

Available as both a 1x or 2x system, with or without dual-sided power meter, SRAM have shaved 29g of weight off the crankset. The 1x crankset now uses an aero chainring, for reduced drag and increased efficiency, and power meters are integrated into the rings for better accuracy, +/- 1.5%, and lighter weight. On double cranksets, the chainrings are one piece, again for more stiffness and lighter weight.

Cranks come in 160, 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175 mm lengths, and 50/37t, 48/35t, and 46/33t combinations, while the single chainring comes with a 50t. All use the DUB bottom bracket standard for easy compatibility.

New SRAM Red Crankset

Red Front Derailleur

Designed for the first time for disc brake only, the new Red front derailleur now has to cover fewer chainlines and OLDs, meaning SRAM have been able to slim down the cage. This means faster, more precise shifting, especially when shifting outboard and under power. Say hello to incredible shift performance from the new Red front derailleur. The new derailleur has an auto-trim feature; it communicates with the rear derailleur to know what gear it's in and trims appropriately for a smooth, silent ride. As with the new rear derailleur, the front derailleur now has only one option to cover all chainring sizes. 

New SRAM Red front derailleur

Red Chain

The new Red chain is SRAM's lightest yet - saving 13g overall. They achieved this with hollow pins, and lighter inner and outer plates with cut-outs. A hard chrome-plated inner link, plates, and rollers reduce wear and prolong service life.

Paceline X Rotor

The new Paceline X rotor again drops weight over the Paceline rotor, with the lightest aluminum carrier SRAM have ever made, combined with their smoothest, quietest brake track, for a premium brake experience. The Paceline X is centerlock only, and comes in 140mm and 160mm diameters.

New SRAM Red caliper and Paceline X rotor

Hammerhead Karoo Computer

Part of the Red groupset is the new Hammerhead Karoo computer, designed to work seamlessly with the new grouppo. The new super-high quality touch screen brings smartphone-like graphics to your cycling computer, and unparalleled connectivity with the entire AXS ecosystem, for complete control at your fingertips. 

4GB memory and 64GB storage, plus extended battery life means more maps, faster map rendering, and less time spent waiting and more time riding. Multi-band GNSS technology gives pinpoint GPS accuracy, and best in class maps and navigation will keep you on track, wherever you get to. 


The new RED is available right now on complete bikes in-store, as well as a complete groupset. The groupset comes with shift/brake lever & caliper, cranks, front and rear derailleur, cassette, rotors, chain, battery charger, FD setup tool and Hammerhead Karoo computer.

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