New Bike: Specialized Globe Haul

New Bike: Specialized Globe Haul

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Meet the Globe Haul - Specialized's second e-cargo bike to be launched in the Canadian market. The Globe Haul ST and LT  are tough, yet affordable, electric bikes for hauling loads, running errands, as a commuter and everything in between. Following shortly after the Porto, the Globe Haul already launched in the US market last year, and is aimed at a slightly different market. While the Porto is the flashy sports-SUV, the Globe Haul is more like the every-man utilitarian SUV or minivan. The Globe Haul is more about affordable, reliable transport, than having slickest machine out there.

With two models to choose from - the ST and LT, that is Short Tail and Long Tail, Specialized have kept things simple with the Globe Haul. Designed using Retül's fit database, the Globe Haul is uniquely adjustable so it can fit all types of bodies comfortably and easily. With a huge weight limit, a ton of smart and useful features, Specialized design quality, and their class-leading support, the Globe Haul is a no brainer for those wanting to ditch the car and get on some cheap, reliable electric transport.

Specialized Globe Haul ST


The Globe Haul is all about function, function, and more function - because that's what cargo bikes are all about. A load capacity of 190kg for the ST and 200kg for the LT shows just what the Globe Haul was designed for, and that's hauling loads. Endlessly customizable, the Globe Haul can be outfitted with a number of accessories to make it incredibly versatile, it also comes stock with a number of useful features.

Out the box, the Globe Haul is outfitted with a sturdy MIK-compatible rear rack rated for up to 60kg on the ST and 80kg on the LT, ready for panniers, child seats or whatever else. Full coverage fenders make it easy and fun to ride no matter the weather, a chunky centre-mount kickstand keeps things steady, and integrated lights powered by the main battery allow you to see and be seen, because errands still need to be run even when it's dark out.

Specialized Globe Haul LT

Not just a utilitarian tool, the Globe Haul was also designed for stability and easy handling. That's why it's built around 20" wheels - the smaller wheels can be built stronger, and also allow for a lower center of gravity, especially when loaded, and make for an easier handling bike at low speeds, counteracting the additional length of the bike.

Making the Globe Haul super versatile is the way it's designed to fit a huge size range of riders. With 13 inches of adjustability in the telescoping seatpost, and 6 inches of adjustment in the stem height, it'll fit riders comfortably from 4'5" up to 6'4" - perfect for the whole family.

Specialized Globe Haul ST cockpit

Motor & Battery

Unlike all of Specialized's other bikes, the Globe Haul uses a rear hub-drive motor, rather than a mid-drive. Specialized felt that this was the right choice for this bike, and custom built a rear wheel around that hub motor, to give it extra strength. The drive unit itself is a powerful 500W motor, and is powered by a 772wh battery, for up to 96km of range, and good for a top speed of 32km/h, so you've always got the boost you need.

Also unlike the rest of Specialized's electric Turbo bikes, the Globe Haul uses its own Globe electronic system and associated app. The Globe app provides a ton of functionality with a little less complexity than the Turbo app, still providing access to diagnosis tools, and displaying range, battery level and a ton more info.


The Globe Haul is super customizable, because every trip is different. Specialized produced a range of accessories to customize the bike to exactly suit the rider's needs. Choose from panniers, a front rack or basket, side bags, seats and foot pegs or running boards; there are endless combos no matter what your cargo. Plus the MIK-compatible rear rack, choose from 1000+ third party accessories including cargo baskets, pet carriers, child seats and more.


The Globe Haul is specced to be functional, reliable, and safe. Tektro four-piston hydraulic disc brakes on 203mm rotors provide big stopping power for when the bike is fully loaded, so you can get to a stop safely. Small 20" wheels with big 3.5" tires provide the cushion, while a rigid steel fork up front provides mounting options without the added complexity of suspension. A Microshift 9 speed drivetrain provides plenty of gears with reliable shifting, while remaining cheap to service and replace once you've put a ton of miles on it. Specialized's own cockpit components combine years of research and experience for a comfy ride, no matter how far you're going.

Specialized Haul ST Schoolbus mode

Specialized Quality and Warranty

Buying a Specialized ebike means you're buying the promise of quality and support. Specialized are known for their uncompromisin g approach to quality, and while the Globe Haul hits a sweet price point, it's still backed with a solid build, a lifetime frame warranty and two-year e-component warranty. Not only that, but owning a Specialized bike gives you access to a global network of dealers, any of which should be able to take care of your bike for you. So no matter where you are, you can get going again should you encounter a problem.

Who's It For?

The Globe Haul ST and LT are for the people that need a tough, yet affordable, electric bike for running errands, as a commuter and everything in between. Rather than a high performance machine, the Globe Haul is a rugged utilitarian vehicle made for hauling and carrying. Perfect for the household that only needs one ebike since it's easily adjustable for riders of all sizes, it's a great car replacement for all but the biggest trips. The Haul ST makes a great runaround for carrying a modest amount, and the LT for picking up the kids from daycare, or loading up with a week's worth of groceries.

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Specialized Globe Haul