Gearing Up for Winter PT 1 - Road Clothing

Gearing Up for Winter PT 1 - Road Clothing

Here in North Vancouver, fall is in full swing and in the coming months winter will make its icy grip felt upon us once again. Zwift season is bearing down upon us and people will soon be jetting off to warm climates to train. For the rest of us we just have to bare down and wrap up.

Welcome to part 1 in our Gearing up for Winter series. This article is a guide to picking the best road cycling clothing to keep you warm, dry and comfortable.

Winter road clothing Riding in the winter can still be enjoyable, you just need the right clothing

Cold, Dry Conditions:

The ground is dry but the wind is sharp and cold. What kind of kit do you wear? You want something to keep you warm but regulate your temperature. Start from the ground up. Warm Merino wool socks will keep you toasty inside your shoes. Cover up any vents in your shoes with tape or tin foil. A good Bootie such as the Castelli Toe Thingy will stop most wind and water.

Winter road clothing

 These Castelli booties will help keep your feet warm

Next up would be a good warm Thermal Tight. Bibs do the best job as they come all the way up to shoulders to keep you sealed off from the elements - we like the 7Mesh TK1. A good base layer under that works a treat to keep you warm and breathable. Add a long sleeved jersey such as the 7Mesh S2S Jersey with some level of wind protection or a light vest such as the 7Mesh S2S Vest, or a full jacket like the Rapha Core Rain Jacket.

Winter road clothing The 7Mesh Rebellion jacket is a great top layer both in the wet and dry

Gloves and a cap will finish off the package. Windproof with some insulation will make it easier to use the gears and brakes.  Finally a pair of glasses with the right lenses for the conditions will stop eyes watering and keep road grime out.

Winter road clothing Some Eyewear like the 100% S2 will help keep the wind out of your eyes

Cold, Wet Conditions

The kit to wear uses most of what is listed above to keep the cold out but you now have to think of the wet driving rain. Waterproof Booties will save your life. So will waterproof gloves. Spend the money on these items as you will have them for years.

Winter road clothing These Sugoi booties will keep the rain out and keep you happy even on the wettest days!

On the outer layer go with the best jacket you can afford. As I mentioned it will last for years. Think of brands that use breathable materials like Gore Tex Active or Pro Shell and Polartec Neoshell. Both would offer complete waterproof membranes. Brands like 7Mesh Sugoi, Gore Bike Wear offer amazing products made for Vancouver conditions. Pictured is the 7Mesh Rebellion again. For really foul weather days, you could use a waterproof pant such as the Sugoi Resistor pictured below.

Winter road clothing Some rain pants are a life saver when the weather is really bad out there.

You have no excuses now. Get into Steed Cycles so our friendly staff can help you get equipped for the season! For when it's really gross out, check out our trainer post and move your ride inside!